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How To Change The Default Font Setting In WordPad

WordPad is a basic word processor that is included in Windows. A word processor is a computer program that you can use to create, edit, view, and print text documents. With WordPad, you can type letters, book reports, and other simple documents. You can also change how the text looks, quickly move sentences and paragraphs around, and copy and paste text within and between documents. And you can follow this link to know how to use WordPad On Windows.

But, is there any way to use WordPad to start with a different font, font size and without the additional "10 point space after paragraph" setting. 

I have read of the work-around were you create a template file and use that but here is what Microsoft has to say about this issue.

There are a couple of issues that still keep most of us looking for word pad:

First WordPad is on every Windows Operating System.

WordPad beats Word in some ways as it opens quickly and is great for viewing and editing XML files.

How To Change The Default Font Setting In WordPad

It also creates smaller documents when pasting screenshots and text. But I agree that Word 2010 does do a much better job in keeping files small than previous versions of Word.

Possible Solution:

WordPad is different with Microsoft Office Word. There is not configuration to set default font and size. That’s a by design with WordPad. You can use Microsoft Word instead of WordPad which can set default font.

Furthermore, there’s a same link which provide an option you can try:

Please Note: Since the website is not hosted by bench3, the link may change without notice. bench3 does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

It does seem odd that you are given the option to change the font and paragraph spacing once the document is open but not the default options; obviously the ability is there.

Since this is by design instruction, and if you have any suggestion of that, you can also contact Microsoft at the following location to submit your suggestion. It will help other communities in future to get what you think to be good to you.


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