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How To Offer Remote Assistance In windows 7

Computer users, particularly users without much technical expertise, often have configuration problems or usage questions that are difficult for a support professional or even just a friend or family member to diagnose and fix over the phone.

Remote Assistance provides a way for users to get the help they need and makes it easier and less costly for corporate helpdesks to assist their users. Plus, experienced users can tap Remote Assistance to directly help their friends and family members.

Until Windows XP, we usually follow the steps to offer the remote assistant to end users, but this option is not visual in windows 7. Actually, it does not mean that this tool is not supported any more in windows 7. The fact is we need to use this in a different way.

For Windows 7, you can launch Windows Remote Assistance (msra.exe) via Start menu - Programs shortcut – (Click Start, All Programs, Maintenance, Windows Remote Assistance)

You can find the detail as followed to initiate Remote Assistance requests:

  • Open the Help and Support Services Center, click Tools, and click Offer Remote Assistance.
  • In the dialog box, enter the user's machine name. Choose a user session if there is more than one.

How To Offer Remote Assistance In windows 7

If you cant find the Windows Remote assistance there, you can still use it by visiting the Windows System32 folder located in c:\Windows\system32\msra.exe

You can create a shortcut on your Desktop, then set the Target %windir%\system32\msra.exe /offerra


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