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Run Windows 8 From USB Storage Device | Windows 8 Introduces Portable Workspace Creator

Microsoft seems to be mixing the best of many of its products and services into one streamlined computing experience called Windows 8. And Microsoft’s President of Windows and Windows Live Division, Steven Sinofsky, unveiled the new Windows 8 user interface for the first time recently.

Other than the fancy Start screen, logon and lock screen, Windows 8 packs-in a number of brilliant features under the hood. We have already seen the Top 5 Changes In Windows 8 And Also The First Video Preview Of Windows 8

One of the important feature that we can expect on Windows 8 is that, loading the booting the complete Windows 8 Operating System From The external driver or what we say, from the USB Storage Device. As of now, it’s a well known fact that Windows can’t be run from external hard drives and flash drives. Even you can install Windows from USB flash drive you can’t use the USB drive to run Windows.

Run Windows 8 From USB Storage Device  Windows 8 Introduces Portable Workspace Creator

And remember, we can install Windows 7 Trough the USB, and to do so, we need to depend on some third party software. But with Windows 8, everything seems to be possible. Users who have been testing the recently leaked Windows 8 7955 and Windows 7989 builds have discovered a feature named Portable Workspace Creator which lets the user to run Windows 8 from a USB storage device.

Windows 8 Introduces Portable Workspace Creator, yes, now Windows 8 Supports Running it from USB Storage Device, or the external device.

If you are on Windows 7 and eagerly waiting to test Windows 8, you need to wait till the BUILD event, scheduled for September. In the mean time, check out our previous posts on Windows 7 so that you can get some idea about the Microsoft's Operating System, Windows 8.

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To be honest, is not attractive Windows 8 ...

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thanks for sharing your comment! And i wont agree with you in fact, it is very attractive Steve, especially the new User Interface, its mind blowing!