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Web Based E-Mail Vs Windows Based E-Mail | Advantages And Disadvantages

A Web browser turns the Internet into a multimedia magazine, but an e-mail program turns it into your personalized post office, where you never need to fumble for a stamp. Windows 7, unfortunately, leaves you fumbling for something else: an e-mail program to send and receive your e-mail.

To replace your missing e-mail program, Microsoft hopes that you’ll download and install Microsoft’s free Windows Live Mail. You’ll find mentions of Windows Live scattered throughout the Windows 7 menus, just begging for a click.  But before that, we beed to understand E-Mail Options in Windows 7.

E-mail programs come in two types: programs you fiddle with on a Web site and standalone programs that run on your PC. Both varieties attract fans, for various reasons as stated below.

Web-based e-mail

Web-based e-mail programs, such as those offered by Google (, Yahoo! (, and AOL (, let you send and receive e-mail directly from a Web site. To check or send e-mail, you visit the Web site, enter your name and password, and begin trawling through your waiting e-mail messages.

  • Advantages Of Web Based E-Mail: Web-based programs let you access your e-mail from any PC that’s connected to the Internet, be it in your home, in a hotel, or at a friend’s house. Web-based e-mail programs also come in handy if you own several PCs: All your mail stays in one place, rather than being scattered between your desktop and laptop PC.
  • Dis Advantages Of Web Based E-Mail: Because your e-mail lives on the Web, not on your own PC, you can’t browse your e-mail unless you’re connected to the Internet. If the Internet is down, or your laptop is out of range of a wireless connection, you can’t look up that phone number your friend e-mailed you last week.

Your e-mail is more difficult to back up. Finally, most Web-based e-mail services pay their way by stuffing ads alongside your e-mail.

If you’re curious about Web-based e-mail, Google’s Gmail easily wins as my favorite. It’s fairly easy to set up, automatically filters out most of the spam, works with several mobile phones, and gives you 7GB of storage space.

Plus, Gmail is expandable. You can set it up to fetch and store e-mail from your other e-mail addresses, if you want. Gmail’s search feature works as quickly and efficiently as Google’s Web search. It lets you receive file attachments up to 20MB — more than enough for a handful of full-size digital photos. One more thing: Gmail is free.

Now, lets see where do the PC-based e-mail programs stand. If you’ve worked with Windows before, you’re probably familiar with one of its built-in e-mail programs: either Outlook Express or Vista’s Windows Mail.

These programs store your e-mail on your own PC rather than on a Web site.

  • Advantages Of Windows Based E-Mail Clients: Many e-mail programs that run on a PC, including Windows Live Mail, can send and receive e-mail from addresses other than their own. (For example, if you already have an AOL e-mail address, you can set up Windows Live Mail to send and receive e-mail from that address, all without ever creating a Windows Live Mail address.)

Also, unlike Web sites, which sometimes change their menus, e-mail programs stay the same, letting you grow familiar with the user interface and the controls.

  • Dis Advantages Of Windows Based E-Mail Clients: PC-based e-mail programs are more difficult to set up. They don’t work with all e-mail addresses, because some unfriendly companies like Yahoo! make you pay for the  privilege of sending or receiving e-mail through a program rather than through their Web site. Ok, one should never forget that you need to activate pop3 configuration in your Web Based E-mail to operate it from windows based application.

Although Windows Live Mail works much like both Windows XP’s Outlook Express and Windows Vista’s Windows Mail, it’s certainly not the only free e-mail program. Its biggest competition comes from Thunderbird (, released by the same people behind the Firefox Web browser.

Also you can get Microsoft Office Outlook when you can pay that huge price for it. If you’re not happy with Windows Live Mail but still want an e-mail program living on your PC, try Thunderbird (


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