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7 New Ways To Make Content For Your Blog

There is no doubt that blogs are the “it” thing today in the online world. Wherever you surf, blogs are sprouting everywhere like mushrooms, whether they’re used for personal or business purposes.

But for starters, what is a blog anyway? It is a diary where you can post your thoughts or feelings or whatnots, except that it is online and the public can read it.

But enough of that. Gone were the days when they were used solely for personal reasons. On the business side, they can be a very useful tool to boost your business, and to keep your customers updated on the products and information's you have.

One of the most important important aspects of blogs is it should be updated at regular interval. Remember you should not keep posting in a bulk nor you should not keep silent for days without Content. Once your blog goes live on the Internet, I am sure it will attract some visitors based on your specification. And if you want to keep your visitors active, you need to active, its obvious.

But if you’re struggling to catch up with content for your blog, let me give you some useful subjects you can write about to give your customers a lot of reasons to keep coming back to your site.

  • Of-course News. Okay, so maybe that’s basic. But do not write about the junk news, give your visitors to about something that is related to your website or blog. If you are into selling, write about the products you sell. You can also write about updates to your product. Post news about the industry you’re in. If you’re selling products that help people get better search engine rankings, write about search engine news. Or, if you or your service has been featured on TV, papers, or notable websites, write about it. Don’t forget to post seminars or gatherings where you’ve been invited.
  • Repost one of your earlier post. Yes, I am talking the right thing, as time pass by people will forget what you have posted in the earlier days maybe when you have just started your blog. Those articles wont be read by most of your current readers, and it will be a good idea to repost it again and make your visitors know your old articles..
  • Your Visitors Feedback or E-mail: If any of your visitors have asked any questions to you on E-mail. If it is not too personal, you can share it with your readers. Or when a raving customer emails you about how your product has helped him, share it in your blog. You’re giving your visitors a compelling reason to buy from you.
  • Site of the week / month. Mention a site that doesn’t compete with you but complements to your won. Explain to them why you like it, and why it deserves your accolade.
  • Contests, surveys, trivia, questionnaires. If you’re running a contest, post it in your blog to encourage visitors to join. Get their attention by including the prizes, a bit of the rules, with a link back to your site for more information regarding it. Or put a survey. That could give you information regarding the product you’re selling, as to how you could develop it further.
  • Tip of the day. Write about a new tactic you developed or something you learned and perfected.
  • Try To Develop Content From Any of your blogs Comments: If you have received some worthy comments and you would like to start your post from that comment. It is a perfect subject to write about. Because you can get more from peoples comment than from your own thinking.

7 New Ways To Make Content For Your Blog

How Big Should be your post: Personally, I like to keep my post between 200 to 1000 words. Sometimes I will do more than 1000 words if the topic requires. But to decide how long a post should be, please read my earlier article on, Creating Content For Your Blog.

So there. Whatever your business is, no doubt there’s always something you’ll definitely want to write about. Give it a try. if you are a new bee you will surely get the reward as days go and as you build your website with some quality content.


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