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8 Ways Office 365 Can Help with Your Online Training

If your team—or perhaps your entire company—works remotely in the cloud, one of the challenges you might face is making sure everyone is trained in a similar way for common business procedures.

For example, if you’re using a specific kind of issue tracking software, how do you teach your employees to use it? Or does everyone in your customer service department know how to report fulfilment problems? You can develop online training modules to make sure that your team has access to the knowledge they need to complete their business-critical tasks.

One great way to approach training—especially if you think you might do a lot of it—is to create a Training page on your team site. On this page, you could add subpages with a focus on different training modules: Sales, Technology, New Hires, and so forth.

After you have an overall idea of your training program in mind, you can get to work using Office 365 to create the pieces. Here are other 8 Ways Office 365 Can Help with Your Online Training:

■ Get your team together to brainstorm in Lync Online training can be a fun, creative project that includes the talents and interests of many people on your team. Create an online meeting in Lync, and invite your team to a whiteboard brainstorming session. You can all talk about what you’d like to see in the training and identify the training goal as well as your primary objectives.

■ Outline the process in a Word document or OneNote notebook The idea here is to give yourself space to identify all the important steps as you begin to pull together the content for the training.

■ Use Word to draft a document of your training content Focus first on the outline and the content you want to convey; add illustrations as needed (or create a separate file or folder on your SharePoint site for photos you want to use).

■ Use your OneNote notebook to collect research you will use as the basis for your training Be sure to include full resource citations and links if appropriate.

■ Build a prototype of your training in PowerPoint As a first draft, you can include the content and photos (or video clips) your participants will see. (See Screenshot below) Share the draft with your team, and use Lync to get together and talk about the draft.

8 Ways Office 365 Can Help with Your Online Training

■ Save as a broadcast, and save as video If the training module you create is not interactive but walks the participant through a process with audio and video, you can save the presentation as a video clip and post it to your team site.

■ Use Word to create an assessment tool This helps participants see what they learned and let you know what they thought about the training module.

■ Make hand outs and tip sheets available on the training page If you do this, participants can download additional information if they want to review the content that was covered.

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