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Advantages Of Having An Facebook Email Address

With no boundaries to stop, Facebook has already into the prime mean of internet – An Email Service for its users.  But, Why would one want to set up a Facebook email address and How does email work with messages?  What ever it is, first you need to create your Facebook email to know and to learn further on this.

If you have not set up your Facebook email till now, here are the steps to do so.

To set up a free address, go to your Messages view and click the "Claim your Facebook email" link.

Your email address will match your public username, for example:



If you don’t have a username yet, you can choose one when you create your email address.

Once you set up your email address, people can email you using any traditional email system (e.g., Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail), and the emails will be delivered to your Facebook Messages. When you send messages to external email addresses, the emails will be formatted to look like Facebook messages, including your name, your profile picture and your message.

Advantages Of Having An Facebook Email Address

Benefits Of Facebook Email Address:

There are many benefits to claiming your Facebook email address:

  • It’s free and easy to set up.

  • Having your email integrated with your messages, chats and texts makes it easier to check them all at once. And if you’re looking for a message later, you don’t have to worry about how it was sent since all your different types of messages are in one place.

  • Your Facebook messages are compatible with traditional email systems (e.g., Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail). When people send you emails from these external systems, they’re delivered directly to your Facebook Messages. And when you send messages to external email addresses, they’re formatted to look like your messages on Facebook, including your name and profile picture along with your message.

  • Owning your address makes it easier for friends and family who are not on Facebook yet to connect with you.

  • Your other email addresses may change over time, but your Facebook email never does.


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