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Benefits Of .docx Format

Prior to Microsoft Office 2007, Office Word documents were saved in the .doc file format. The 2007 Microsoft Office system introduced a new set of file formats based on XML, called Microsoft Office Open XML Formats.

By default, Word 2010 (and Word 2007) documents are saved in the .docx format, which is a Word-specific Open XML format.

Even though many still feel the .docx has some disadvantages, here are the benefits that you can get when saving the document in .docx format:

1. File sizes are smaller than with previous file formats.

2. It is simpler to recover damaged content because XML files can be opened in a variety of text editors.

3. Security is greater because .docx files cannot contain macros, and personal data  can easily be identified and removed from files. Documents saved in the .docx format can be opened by Word 2010 and Word 2007.  (Users of earlier versions of Word can download a converter that will allow them to  open a .docx file in their version of Word. )

In addition to the .docx format, Word provides these Open XML formats:

  • docm This format is for macro-enabled documents. 
  • dotx This format is for document templates.
  • dotm This format is for macro-enabled document templates.

You can save a Word document in many formats, some of which optimize the file for specific uses.

Benefits Of .docx Format

While most people welcome the change because it is based on open XML standards and reduces the file size, some have found it frustrating.

    The problem? Well, if you create a document in Word 2007 and then email it to someone who has a previous version of Word, they won’t be able to open it with the new format. Luckily there are several options to fix the problem as what we discussed above, they can use a converter tool from Microsoft. Or, you need to save Your Documents in Word 97–2003 Format before sending the file to others.


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