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Download Windows 8

Update (29th Feb 2012): If you prefer, though, you can just grab a regular old ISO image here, in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. While you can upgrade your system to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, only upgrading from Windows 7 will be treated as a full upgrade. Upgrading from XP or the Windows 8 Developer Preview will only save your user accounts and files, but you'll lose your Windows settings and programs (so you may want to dual-boot or install it in a virtual machine, Oracle VM VirtualBox or  VMWare Workstation 8. instead).

Update: Windows 8, the next version of Windows, which completely revamps the operating system to be compatible with both touchscreen devices like tablets and traditional PCs, is now available to anyone who wants it as Microsoft released a preview (and is also available for download) of Windows 8 to developers at the Microsoft BUILD conference. Follow this link to read more on how to download Windows 8.

Its still in rumours about the Download of Windows 8 Beta And RTM Release. Its been quite a long now that Windows 8 rumours have been circulating regarding the release of Windows 8, as well as its RTM, pre-release, and beta counterparts.

Microsoft will make us wait till the next major event for Windows that is Windows BUILD conference in September, where they may provide developers with more details about the full spectrum of tools and capabilities available to make the most of Windows 8.

Windows 8 beta release would take place at Microsoft’s BUILD Conference in September as Microsoft has confirmed that it will deliver the first deep insight into Windows 8 in mid-September 2011 at its BUILD Windows conference, and Microsoft is also expected to share a pre-release Build at least with participants, if not with as many testers as possible.

Also, Piles of interim Builds of Windows 8 have already been complied, with number of releases even served to early adopters outside of Redmond.

Download Windows 8 RTM

And while Windows 8 pre-release will be easy and not a secret, Microsoft continues to keep mum on just what exactly will happen at BUILD, and whether it will release a pre-Beta or the fully fledged Beta to testers.

If there is any update to this release, we will be posting it here on this page. Stay tuned.


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