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How Good Is It To Buy An Used iPad | Get An Refurbished iPad From Apple For Lesser Price

The iPad has been on the market for a while, some owners are moving up to newer or more capable iPads, and used devices are often available for less money than new ones. There is no rule that one should buy a new iPad. If you don’t need the latest and greatest iPad, a used one can be your gateway into the iPad world without impacting your wallet as much.

Believe it or not, Apple is the best vendor for used iPads. The company often makes refurbished iPads available for sale at less than the suggested retail price of new equipment, and the iPad will come with the original factory warranty. You can find the refurbished equipment in the Apple Online Store at or on

eBay is often a good place to purchase used computer equipment, as sellers are given ratings by buyers so that it’s possible to see at a glance how others have fared in their transactions with a particular seller. As with any online auction, however, the buyer should beware. Make sure that the seller has pictures of the exact unit you are bidding on, has a return policy, and has a flawless approval rating.

If you’re buying an iPad from someone locally, you might want to consider having an Apple Authorized Service Provider ( check the unit over before you make a commitment.

How Good Is It To Buy An Used iPad  Get An Refurbished iPad From Apple For Lesser Price

While it’s easy for you to make a visual inspection of the screen and case for scratches or dents, it’s not so easy to see if there is hidden damage caused by water, or connectors that have been broken.

Finally, you might be able to afford a new iPad when the next generation is announced. Retailers need to make room for the incoming iPads and discount their existing stock. Your patience can be rewarded!


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