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How To Effectively Increase Battery Life On Windows Phone

Charging Your Phone and Managing Battery Life: Windows Phones use lithium-ion batteries. Although you probably don’t have to plug it in to an outlet right away, the first time you do plug it in, you should allow it to charge overnight. It is not just for Windows Phone mobiles, but you need to follow this rule to all your devices that has a lithium-ion batteries.

You’ll hear all kinds of “battery lore” out there that’s left over from earlier battery technologies. For example, lithium-ion batteries don’t have a “memory” like NiCad batteries did. So, you don’t have to be careful to allow the battery to fully discharge before recharging it.

One of the advantage of NiCad batteries is that’s, NiCad batteries are more difficult to damage than other batteries, tolerating deep discharge for long periods. In fact, NiCd batteries in long-term storage are typically stored fully discharged. This is in contrast, for example, to lithium ion batteries, which are less stable and will be permanently damaged if discharged below a minimum voltage.

Your phone comes with at least one battery charger. When it comes to charging, Windows Phone 7 devices can be very different from one manufacturer and cellular carrier to the next. In addition to the battery charger that comes in the box with the phone, you may have several other charging options:

  • Wall charger: A wall charger plugs in to the power port on your phone and allows you to charge the phone from a standard electrical outlet. Unplug the battery charger when you aren’t charging your phone. If you leave the charger plugged in, there will be a small but continuous draw of power.
  • Travel charger: What distinguishes a travel charger from a regular wall charger is that the prongs fold in to the wall bug (the plug that you stick into the outlet). Some manufacturers ship a travel charger with the phone; others don’t.
  • Car charger: A car charger lets you charge your phone from an outlet in your car (sometimes from your cigarette lighter).
  • Fuel cell or photocell charger: Several companies make products that can charge your phone if you don’t have access to a wall outlet or a car outlet.

If a battery is charged 100% and if we still plugging the adapter with the power outlet will

If a battery is charged 100% and if we still plugging the adapter with the power outlet will that have any bad effect to the battery? Yes it will, to know more please read my earlier post on How To Extend Life Of Battery.

The best practice to managing your battery well is to buy a charger that is designed to work with your Windows Phone and that comes from a reputable manufacturer. A cheaper alternative to what you can buy at the cellular store is not necessarily a bargain. Cheap chargers may physically fit in the charging port on your phone and may charge the phone, but lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to voltage, and your off-brand charger may hurt the performance of your battery.

High heat shortens the life of your battery. Be careful not to leave your phone on your car’s dashboard. In general, if you keep your phone with you — except when you sit in a sauna or sweat lodge — you’ll be safe.

If you take good care of it, your battery should last about two years with a drop in performance of about 25 percent from the condition it was in when you took it out of the box. At that point, you can replace the battery or upgrade to the newest Windows Phone. And of course you can move on to the next version of Windows Phone as you are moving to the newest. If you are interested to know how to increase the standby time on your smart phone, you can read my earlier post on the Ways To Increase Your Standby Time On Your Smart Phone.


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