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How To Transfer Data From One iPhone To Another

The market has been abuzz about the iPhone 5 release ever since the release of the iPhone 4.

Apple is currently riding the high wave. It has just upstaged Nokia to become the global leader in smartphones. The iPhone 4, despite having many flaws is set to become the world's most popular smartphone. And everyone is looking forward to the iPhone 5 with dreamy eyes.

So, anything and everything from Apple is eagerly anticipated. Read More on iPhone 5 Possible By September End

Lets say for example, you are going to get a new iPhone, and you may like to know how does one go about transferring their data from the previous phone? Will someone at your Service provider (say, AT&T) do that for you for free.

But, if your old phone an iPhone, just back it up in iTunes then transfer it over to the new one.

If not, they should do it at the ATT store (or your service provider) (depending on the phone, some phones they just can't), or you can do what I did, and export all the contacts via Bluetooth to your computer and throw them into either address book (mac) or windows contacts (pc) to be synced with the iPhone.

If your phone is another type of smartphone besides an iPhone (say, Android), if you set up your contacts to sync with Google contacts, you can then set up Google contacts on your iPhone and they will all download. And of course, if you get contacts through an exchange server for work, you just add the work account to the iPhone, and all the contacts will transfer over.

Pictures are a bit trickier, you're better off just getting them on your computer and keeping them there, without bothering to put them on the new iPhone. You can do that with a sync cable or via Bluetooth, and the ATT store (or your service provider) may be able to do it, but generally they just transfer contacts.


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