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iPhone 5 Possible By September End

The market has been abuzz about the iPhone 5 release ever since the release of the iPhone 4.

Apple is currently riding the high wave. It has just upstaged Nokia to become the global leader in smartphones. The iPhone 4, despite having many flaws is set to become the world's most popular smartphone. And everyone is looking forward to the iPhone 5 with dreamy eyes. So, anything and everything from Apple is eagerly anticipated.

The onslaught of every iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4G or 4GS, whatever you choose to call it) rumor that we have heard is surely so large in itself that we could dedicate a whole post on it. However, this particular rumor seems well founded in its source and history, and looks pretty legit to us.

An AT&T employee was responsible for leaking this particular piece of info to Gizmodo. According to the leak, all AT&T employees have been denied any vacations during  the last two weeks of September “due to an event blackout”. So what the hell does that have to do with the launch of the next iPhone, we hear you ask. Well, according to the employee, the only times when this kind of thing has happened in the past is when a new iPhone has been released! Aah, slowly the pieces begin to fall in place.

iPhone 5 Possible By September End

There are plenty of reasons we think this is legit. Firstly, if the employee is telling the truth, then the history is a perfect indicator of things to come. Secondly and more importantly, since Apple focused on the software front in its last major event, the WWDC 2011, September will be the perfect time to refresh the world’s minds with the launch of the next iPhone, and who knows, possibly the next iPad too. Actually, it's about and its with Apple.

Earlier this year, some reports said that the Engineering drawings for the new iPhone had been leaked. According to the pictures, the iPhone 5 looked much alike the iPhone 4. The only change was that it had a bigger screen. This one is still on hold.

Apple is a brand that has always succeeded in not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of its customers and the same is expected with the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 was spotted on a train. The images do not give out much, so speculations will still be speculations.

There is no smoke without a fire and Apple most probably is lighting its own fire. We know that Apple actually fortifies its information and it is next to impossible that any information is leaked without their consent. If spreading rumors is Apple's PR strategy, it is a brilliant one.


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