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Quick Tips To Make Money From Blogs And Website

It makes perfect sense to make dollars with Adsense. With that source of revenue, you can further upgraded your website and take it to the next level with full potential.

If you are selling any product online, you can very  well generate income from your product. But, what if your website is content based? Well, there wont be any prospect of any financial return.

But its not the case of Google AdSense. If you are ready to work hard, Google is ready to pay for you. But, the best was to make more revenue form google depends on the quality and uniqueness of your content.

Google’s contextual advertising program Adsense which has been around for some long time (since June 2003). Back then the program was open only to webmasters with their own domain names and many quickly took up the opportunity to cash in on their labor of love sites.

You don’t need to break your head and develop a website for you to be approved by Google. You can even get AdSense approved if you have a quality blog on Blogger which is powered by Google, of-course. Google’s intention is to bring in as much as possible quality websites under the AdSense umbrella.

Remember, in order to apply for Google Adsense, your site should be ready and might have some content in it. If your site is still under Construction, your application will be rejected and of course you can re apply once your site is ready and launched.

My first application for Adsense was rejected and I got an explanation stating that my site was still under construction. I thought that this was a mistake so I reapplied the same day and got accepted. Right away I was able to log in to my account and start putting the code for the ads on my pages.

The control panel is easy to understand and Google provides stats and figures in order for you to track your performance. You can also add Adsense for search where visitors can search the web or your site and you get compensated every time someone clicks on the ads displayed. And still you can also use other free services from Google like, Google Webmasters Tool, Google Analytical, to monitor your websites growth.

Content Is The Key For Your Revenue:

Developing content sites is key to success in Adsense. Why? Because Google’s technology uses the content of each page to guess which ads are most suitable. The higher the quality of the content, the higher quality and paying ads you will attract. You can also read my earlier post, 7 New Ways To Make Content For Your Blog to know how to develop content for your website or blog. And also I would suggest you to know how big your content needs to be.

Quick Tips To Make Money From Blogs And Website

Please note that getting accepted into Adsense does not guarantee that you will receive a check from them. Your success depends on many factors. Some of them include the number of visitors, the placement of the ads, the value of the keywords on the page where the ads are shown and how many persons who will click through on the Adsense ad panel.

Warning! For those with unscrupulous minds, Google has ways and means to find out where each ad click is originating from. Therefore no click spamming. Adsense is a win-win situation for all the players involved. It benefits the visitors with additional information, the search engines because of higher quality websites and you with a check every month.


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