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Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Advantages And Disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 is an entry-level smartphone from Samsung. The times are long gone when smartphones were scary and complicated. This smart phone is made so simple for you to handle and use.

The Fit might seem like a minor update of the Galaxy Mini: a tad bigger screen and a 5 MP autofocus camera, but in that price range those are still significant arguments to have on your side.

The physical appearance of Samsung Galaxy Fit is little bit subtler, but not in a way to expect it to appeal to business users or an older audience.  Saying that, The Galaxy Fit doesn't have the features to be considered as a business tool. It's a bottom-of-the-food-chain kind of smartphone and it knows it. The friendly little gadget is on the cheap side of smartphones, but keen to deliver complete connectivity and above average imaging. The low-res screen is the flip side of the coin.

Here is some of the Key Features of Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

  • 7.2 Mbps HSDPA
  • 3.3” 65K-color QVGA TFT capacitive touchscreen
  • ARMv6 600MHz processor, 280MB RAM
  • Android OS v2.2.1 Froyo with TouchWiz v3.0 UI, Gingerbread coming up
  • 160MB of internal storage, hot-swappable MicroSD slot, 2GB card included
  • 5 MP autofocus camera with geotagging, smile detection
  • Document viewer
  • Accelerometer and proximity sensor
  • Swype text input
  • It is upgradable to Gingerbread.
  • You can connect it to your PC and access the internet using KIES.

On looking at the design of the Phone, especially, the back cover which is very hard to remove and then the stock keyboard which is not that great one will not agree that this is a smart phone. It has few things to be called as not so smart.

Based on its performance, its quite good for a normal phone, and the internet connection speed is pretty good.

But still, many features could have been much better, like the Camera resolution could be much higher for a 5MP. as for now, its just looking average. But still a dedicated (side switch ) for the camera will be great.

Battery life is a problem to most smartphones with 3G and more, and in case if you want to save your battery, just download task killer from android market and switch off WiFi and GPS when ever it is not required. And I am sure you can safe your battery for longer period.

And another point is, this phone is getting hotter as its getting charged. And its just above normal.

It has features which are not required in common. But still the Internal memory is too low but its better than Galaxy i5503.

Another Trail but free software to save battery on all Android phone is, Juice Defender. Visit Android Market, search for Juice Defender and download. Juice Defender Trial ( its free). I have heard from friends saying that it will increase the battery life by three times once the mobile is fully charged. And also

  • Check the use only 2g network tab in settings in mobile and network  and
  • Uncheck background data tab in accounts and sync in settings

Gingerbread Upgrade Available:

There were some recent news that Samsung Galaxy Fit can have a Gingerbread upgrade, and if you are offered for an upgrade, go for it and it has something to improve its phones performance.

Once you upgrade to Gingerbread and rooted (rooting), the battery performance may increase with extended usage. If you still face problem with battery life, we can install auto memory tools available freely in the market.

Important! Those eager to upgrade should choose the right guidance which were already available on the internet and which is also free. But to upgrade your mobile, you need to download a file on your computer ( something around 125Mb).

Warning! Some times, As soon as the upgrade process is over your language setting would be changed to its default. In order to avoid problems finding your way back to language setting again, just remember or write down the steps back and forth to the Language settings and choosing your desired language.

There were some bugs reported in Gingerbread  like the screen remains black when you unlock the screen and it clears when you tap the screen a couple of times. But on the positive side, these bugs doesn't make it unusable. We can overlook these bugs as the battery backup improves a lot.

If you are facing problems upgrading your phone to Gingerbread, You can very well downgrade to Froyo.

Processing Speed:

And as the processor is just 600 MHz we can't expect it to be as fast as our contemporary computers. We need to be patient while opening and closing some larger apps and I found that this problem arises when you tap the screen repeatedly while the apps are being opened. Its because the processor can't handle too many instructions and it hangs.

Screen Resolution Not Bad:

We should stop talking about the Screen resolution as a disadvantage. That is because, This is a small phone, an entry level smart phone which is even smaller than the Geo or Ace, That's why it's called the Fit" cause it fits in your pocket and your hand so easily.

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Sample Video Recording

Here is some of the differences between Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Fit:

Galaxy Ace

  • 800MHz Processor
  • 3.5 inch,320x240 px touch screen
  • 5 MP Camera with LED Flash, Autofocus, Geo-tagging, face and smile detection

Galaxy Fit

  • 600MHz Processor
  • 3.31 inch,240x320 px touch screen
  • 5 MP Camera with Autofocus, Geo-tagging (No LED Flash)

And to sum up, Galaxy ACE has better screen resolution, Faster Processor, More Features on Camera etc.

Main disadvantages

  • Low screen resolution
  • No touchscreen haptics
  • No Flash support in the web browser
  • No video-call camera
  • No flash, no camera key
  • No DivX/XviD support out of the box
  • Poor QVGA video recording @ 15fps
  • Instrument releases much heat even charging of battery for a little.
  • Unnecessary features which are available with i-net
  • Price is too high for its features and performance.

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Advantages And Disadvantages

Over all, Samsung Galaxy fit is as what we introduced in the beginning of the post, is an entry level smart phone and it with this, we can have great android experiences at lesser cost.


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