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Sharing On Windows 8 Table PC | The Future Of File Sharing On Windows 8, Maybe

Microsoft’s Windows 8 interface and features are still shrouded in some mystery but a new video emerged recently appears to show how photo sharing may work. This may be a fake video. But I believe it is possible, since Microsoft Tellme has really cool possibilities in text recognition.

The majority of the video features Windows Phone 7 concepts of future versions that include deeper speech technology. Windows Phone has existing speech technology thanks to Microsoft’s TellMe service. Microsoft hopes to push this further to the TV (with Xbox) and on Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft’s video briefly demonstrates how speech recognition would work in future on tablets. The demo includes a tile based user interface and shows a simple way of sharing pictures using touch and voice. The interface appears to be a concept of how the next version of Windows will perform speech queries, however this could hint at what Microsoft is planning for Windows 8.

Here is another video that was shared in winrumors

As said before, it just doesn't look official. This looks more like a concept that the team who put this together created from Windows Phone 7 look and feel. It doesn't look like official Windows 8 UI/UX, even though this concept is clearly Metro.

This is completely possible. I mean there is really no difference in what we can do now with Windows Phone 7. You can already tell it to "call so and so" it calls them. Why can't you say send to "whomever" and it do it. Pretty sweet. Hopefully, this will be integrated into Windows 8. That would be really cool!

And it would look nice if its mean to be used in tablets. I cant wait to see what really windows 8 is going have, but it seems like it will be amazing OS, like for tablets with stuff like in this video. Also you may be interested to know how the future of photo sharing will be.


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