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Strict Restrictions For OEMs To Pre-Install Windows 8

Microsoft is keeping original equipment manufacturers that want to pre-install Windows 8 on next generation Tablet PCs, or slates, as they’re referred to, on a very tight leash.

Microsoft has imposed on computer manufacturers in order to get the next version of Windows on tablets are nothing short of troublesome.

Acer’s CEO did stress that both chip and PC manufacturers feel like the software giant is attempting to control the entire process of putting Windows 8 on next generation form factors. Microsoft of course, provided no confirmation of this, now or in the past.

It’s absolutely necessary for Microsoft to keep OEMs on a very short leash, and ensure that upcoming Windows 8 Tablet PCs / slates are indeed capable of rivaling Apple’s iPad.

Having confirmed that Next version of Windows will support Systems on a Chip architectures and ARM systems, Microsoft is expected to offer a special flavour of Windows 8 tailored to tablets.

This is actually a good thing. With Windows 7, because they imposed more restrictions, people were able to get a better experience with less crap ware because of the regulations.

The last time I bought a machine (three years ago) it came with Vista and a boatload of "extra stuff" - my first move after setting it up was to go to Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs. I've since reloaded the machine with Win7 (clean installation). Small wonder a lot of folks prefer to build their own machines. Sadly, though, I do not expect the trend to change significantly.

Sounds like when Microsoft threatened OEMs over ending contracts if Netscape was installed....1990s.

Source: Windows 8 Comes with a Tight Leash for OEMs - Microsoft Imposes Strict Restrictions – Softpedia

Strict Restrictions For OEMs To Pre-Install Windows 8

Here is one of the screenshots from Windows 8 Build 8064 that have been shared by Chinese site PCBeta.

However, the public should expect Windows 8 to be treated no differently from Windows 7, and some might still recall that Microsoft only started revealing information on the successor of Windows Vista quite late in the development process, when the feature set was all but set in stone.


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