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Twitter Is Different From Other Social Networking

In short, Twitter is a online place for any casual or business gathering, and you can start a lively conversation right there from your system. But the real fact is, many people still don’t get Twitter. And few others ask, “Why should I waste my time with Twitter?”  If you are one of the few who ask this way, this article will let you know what Twitter is and also helps you understand the true business value of Twitter.

The common definitions of Twitter to newbies is, Twitter is a platform that allows you to share, in real time, thoughts, information, links, and so forth with the Web at-large and to be able to communicate directly, privately or publicly, with other Twitter users.

The main difference between Twitter and other social networking is however, is that each Twitter communication cannot exceed 140 total characters.

Difference Between Twitter and Other Social Networking

The main difference of course depends on another question, “who can see Twitter messages” and does someone has to join Twitter to communicate and to be communicated ?

I stress that most Twitter posts, known as tweets, can theoretically be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection at any time. No one needs to have a Twitter account to view someone else’s tweets. The public accessibility of Twitter makes it somewhat unique among social networking websites, where normally you can’t see people’s information without them first accepting your invitation. If you do want to communicate privately with other individuals on Twitter, though, you will need to join and create an account.

Twitter is based on the simple question “What are you doing?” and encourages users to answer exactly that.

To be successful in Twitter, you need to create conversation. But if you use Twitter only to broadcast your commonplace activities, you’re missing out on its real potential. After all, if all you ever write is “Going to the grocery store now,” or “Just fixed the office copier,” you’re not really opening up the door for much conversation, are you?

Twitter Is Different From Other Social Networking

Conversations of many kinds and the ease with which Twitter facilitates them compose the hidden power of Twitter, particularly as a branding and business marketing tool. Twitter has given the public unprecedented direct access to companies, celebrities, and power figures in a way that hasn’t previously been seen. Conversely, Twitter enables unfettered and immediate direct access to the masses.


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