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Unlock The Hidden Features On Windows 8 Build 7989

When you have first used Windows 7, may be the pre beta release you might have thought “it's Linux”. Now, looking at Windows 8 and so far It will just look like Windows 7. And if you are expecting something more than just the Windows 7, you need to unlock the new features there were actually hidden. Does the early builds of Windows 8 actually have anything new in it.

There are two or three hidden features which can be opened with hacks. I suspect, though, that they are primarily for the use of the MS programmers, and some (or all) may not necessarily be in the final product.

If you wanted any new features exclusive to Windows 8 to jump out and grab yourself. You can unlock all the new features if you use a program called "Red Pill Enabler" just do a Google search or just have a look here: RedPill Enabler

Unlock The Hidden Features On Windows 8 Build 7989.php

Unlock all features locked by slc.dll in all windows 8 build (7955,7959,7989,...,8039, Dont work on 804x +) x86 and x64, without patching any dll (It just add a new slc.dll, and rename the old slc.dll to slcrp.dll).

Allow to patch directly the install.wim files to unlock the new codes (If you are on Windows 7 you need Net! 4).

But the RedPill will not remove the Time limit (timebomb). In my opinion, to really remove the timebomb we need to patch the function zwQueryLicenceValue (and NtQueryLicenceValue) into ntdll.dll.

Unlock The Hidden Features On Windows 8 Build 7989

The timebomb was checked during the boot with a call in ntdll to the function zwquerylicencevalue.

All call in a original slc (SlGetWindowsInformationDword, the function to enabled redpill) was redirect into the function NtQueryLicenceValue of ntdll.dll.


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