Monday, August 8, 2011


Will Windows 8 Support Guest Mode | Helps Reduce Downtime

Guest Mode was an extremely promising feature in the Windows 7 beta that was sadly removed from the final release. But it may appear in a future version of Windows, and certainly hardware and software vendors have products that fill the void until then.

Guest Mode was a special user account within Windows 7 that created a temporary  environment for users on your computer. When the user logged off, every change he made to the operating system, every program he installed, and every file he created or downloaded was rolled back so that everything was returned to the way it was before the user logged on. In short, it was as if that user had never used the PC.

This would be an excellent way to protect a PC from the dangers posed by a guest user, maybe someone visiting your home or office, over whom you have no control. A similar feature in the Apple OS X operating system caused users to complain that a bug was also wiping out all of the user files from their main accounts.

Clearly, this type of feature is not without its problems, but there are some excellent third-party solutions.

I have always liked Magic Card, a product by Rogev, which you can find at This is a small expansion card that sits inside your PC and handles real-time encryption and decryption of data on one or more hard disks, similar to a TPM chip and BitLocker but handled entirely by the hardware. In addition, the product is capable of saving a snapshot of your Windows installation and restoring any changes made in just a few seconds. It can do this every time the computer is restarted or on a set schedule, such as once a month.

This type of product is especially useful for businesses, libraries, training companies, and internet caf├ęs where changes to an operating system are made rarely and where any  downtime for a PC can prove costly.


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