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Advantages Of Cloud Computing Through Office 365

The phrase cloud computing brings you the feeling of stretching out on a hillside on a summer day while your sons can still point out the animals and shapes they saw in the clouds above.

Yes, Cloud computing is a little like that—the ability of your technology to take on the shape you need for the type of project you need to accomplish. You can read more on Cloud Computing in my previous post, what is Cloud Computing.

Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest venture into cloud computing, bringing together tried-and-true programs that make communicating and collaboration natural online. Office 365 includes Microsoft Exchange Online for email and scheduling, Microsoft SharePoint Online for sharing files and creating team sites, and Microsoft Lync Online for instant messaging and online meeting. Office 365 mixes the capabilities of those programs with cloud versions of Office Professional Plus programs.

Office 365 makes using Office in the cloud a simple, natural, and affordable way to make the most of services you are already familiar with, in ways that easily extend the technology you are probably already using. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Office 365 enables you to easily and naturally

  • Collaborate globally in real time.
  • Use programs you already know.
  • Create a virtual office where you can work with information securely while you’re on the go.
  • Use your PC, browser, or phone interchangeably.
  • Keep your information secure.
  • Keep your hardware costs down.
  • Use multiple devices to access and work with files.
  • Create a shared team site.
  • Boost productivity by making it easy for people to work together.
  • Give users instant access to each other with presence technology and instant messaging.
  • Incorporate social networking in your team communication.
  • The great thing about cloud computing for companies is that it enables them to expand the services they offer both staff and customers without adding to their own hardware infrastructure. Read more on Cloud Computing in my previous post, what is Cloud Computing.


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