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Advantages Of Google Plus Over Facebook

Google launched Google+ recently, and my first impressions are very positive. And here is why i feel that Google Plus do have the advantage over Facebook and other Social media in fact.

Relevance: Google Plus so far has focused on its social feature – “Circles”, a new way of grouping contacts for targeted sharing. But the future belongs to the Interest Graph complementing the Social Graph.

Facebook has done a not-so-great job capturing users’ interests. Many people have ‘Liked’ hundreds of pages just because they were asked to do so by their friends. Facebook’s obsession with and overreliance on the social graph has corrupted their interest graph, and this might well be Facebook’s Achilles Heel in the long term.

Google Plus takes a different approach. The goal of Sparks is to capture your true interests. It is in a primitive state at present, but I’m talking about the Big Picture here! As Andrew Tomkins explains:

Sparks is essentially the stuff that flows to you through the interest graph and the stream is the stuff that flows to you through the social graph

Google Plus plans to mix these two to create the “mother of all streams”.

Also: Once Google gets to know you better, it can help provide more relevant search results. Classic search disambiguation problem – when user searches for ‘apple’ is it for the fruit or the company? Your interests from Sparks can help Google learn what you’re looking for.

Advantages Of Google Plus Over Facebook

It was reported earlier today that code for Questions has been found in Google Plus. If this comes as a surprise, you haven’t understood Google’s ambitions with Emerald Sea.

Google could easily auto-tag questions. Further, it could easily AutoComplete your Question. And even further, in many situations, Google could answer your question without waiting for a human being to respond.

Imagine such a Q&A service working across mobile devices, where Google knows your location and much more about your interests and friends.

Is It Google Or Is It Facebook:

Google Plus is a challenge for Facebook. Some folks have already opined that Facebook has nothing to fear, that the mainstream users are not going to join Google Plus and quit Facebook in droves. But predictions and reviews have been wrong before.

I wouldn’t dismiss Google Plus so quickly if I were Facebook. Challenges for Google Plus:

Critical Mass: Google Plus needs a critical mass of users if its ever to gain mainstream acceptance. However, these are very early days, and early adopter response has been largely positive.

Games: Mainstream users love games. Google is reported to have invested in Zynga, while Facebook has had a rocky relationship with them. What if the next Farmville were to launch exclusively on Google Plus and not on Facebook?

Simplicity: As it stands today, Google Plus is not actually more complicated than Facebook, it just feels like it because it is new. Try introducing Facebook to a first time user and walk through the different features, and you’ll agree that Facebook has slowly evolved to a much more complex service with a plethora of components. Google Plus will need to become simple and intuitive to attract a sizeable mass of followers before adding new features.

There are a lot of unknowns, and my take is that it’s too early to make predictions. In any case, the stickiness factor of Google Plus is a big challenge for Facebook.

I am very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. There are challenges, but for once, I think the Emerald Sea team is seeing things in the right perspective and making all the right moves.


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