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Advantages Of Windows 8 Over Windows 7

Even before the beta release of Windows 8, Windows 8 has the upper hand over Windows 7. Its not just as it is new Operating System, but performance wise, it leads the way. And here in this post, lets discuss some of the Advantages of Windows 8 over Windows 7.

Some modifications include touch keyboard, device compatibility, Windows 8 app store, improvement in Internet Explorer 10, new task manager interface, cloud services in Windows Live, Refresh and reset buttons and many more.

Windows Boot performance:

We have already discussed on our earlier post that Windows 8 Boots faster than Windows 7. But, how Could It Be Possible To Boot Windows 8 Faster Than Windows 7.  To understand the concept fully, read my other post by following this location. Windows 8 Boots Faster Than Windows 7

Hibernation On Windows 8:

Hibernation in Windows 8 uses a small portion of memory for maintaining 0 hibernation sessions that save state and memory contents to a file name (hiberfil.sys) and read the same file by restoring save contents back to main memory. Using this technique start performance of Windows 8 start boot are more optimized in comparison with Windows 7 OS. Thus, It is Windows 8 which is declared winner in terms of high booting speed.

Windows 8 File System And Security:

Windows 8 provides strong file system support which cannot allow unauthorized users to make changes in Windows secure files as it implements more security for file accessing.

File Management:

A new feature of "file name collisions will be there in Windows 8 so as to avoid redundancy of same file in system memory. Microsoft argued that resolving file collision requires tricky task which require meaningful choice between similar files. The options of file specification in Windows 8 Operating System are more advanced and which in turn will allow you to resolve file conflict easily.

Windows 8 Will Be The Best For All Kinds Of Devices:

The new user interface for Windows 8 is finally a viable answer to the iPad and Android tablet, but Microsoft wants even more: The new UI should make computing easier on notebooks and regular PCs, as it’s fully usable with the classic mouse and keyboard combination.

Windows 8 developers had removed unnecessary labels and explanatory text which is less important. Only relevant information is added to file definition that reduces search work for users. In this way, Windows 8 file system has gone through many modifications. Thus, it is Windows 8 file system which is declared winner.

Mount ISO And VHD Files On Windows 8:

With Windows 8, Microsoft have eliminated using the physical CD or DVD each time when required. You can simply access the contents of the ISO file without either needing to burn a new disc or needing to find/download/install additional software just to logically access the ISO.

Mounting ISOs and VHDs is one of the few third-party utilities I use. Now if Windows 8 is going to support Built-in ISO and VHD mount tool, that's going to be a great news.

Advantages Of Windows 8 Over Windows 7

Windows cloud services

We know that Windows Live essential allows users to store data online in Windows 7 OS as well but with Windows 8 OS, you can store bundle of data in Windows Live and even provision is made, through which you can backup your data online using Cloud Backup.

Windows 8 will going to start a new online backup service in which your system data will backup online on server computer. You are provided with a username and password so that anytime you can see your restore data at any computer location.

Windows 8 is Beautiful:

Windows 8 is beautiful, and it completely revamps the operating system to be compatible with both touchscreen devices like tablets and traditional PCs, is now available to anyone who wants it as Microsoft released a preview (and is also available for download) of Windows 8 to developers at the Microsoft BUILD conference. If you have not downloaded Windows 8 yet, just get your copy of Windows 8 from this location.


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