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Beautiful Clearer and User Friendly BSOD On Windows 8

Windows 8 not only has a all new beautiful User Interface. But it also looks beautiful when giving you a worst experiences, the Blue Screen Of Death.

By now, most of us have already been experienced at least one BSOD on Windows 8, and that is, the HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED Error Message when trying to Install Windows 8 Virtually in unsupported versions of Virtual Machines. You can also follow this link, to know the supported and non supported Virtual Machines For Installing Windows 8 Virtually.

One of the worst experiences that you can get being a PC user is when your PC crashes down right when you are doing something really important on it.

Being a Windows user, if you get to see the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), all you see is the bug check screen with various lines of error codes. That BSOD is indeed the most frustrating thing for you to deal with because in most of the cases, all your unsaved work gets lost because of this.

We all have seen the BSOD screen for years now. But BSOD was never meant to be friendly. In fact, it was meant for engineers who wanted to figure out why your PC crashed. For decades, it always meant crashing of the computer and insurmountable frustration.

Most Popular Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) On Windows 8

But now, Windows 8, is trying to be humane when it comes to the BSOD. The new BSOD doesn’t include the bug check screen with error codes. Instead, it includes a giant sad emoticon and a simple message that “your PC ran into a problem” and that it has to restart. The redesigned OS also includes speed and stability improvements, a metro interface optimized for touchscreens and an app store. However, the developers have opted to stick with its historic blue color.

The new BSOD is much clearer and user friendly. And it looks more humane and compassionate than before. Of course no one likes to see this too often, however if it ever occurs, let’s hope it gives a better feel than the bug check screen.


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