Thursday, September 22, 2011


Cannot Save Any File From Browser and Explorer Always Crashes | Fix

You can always be able to right click on an item (image, link) in a web page, select Save (Image, Link) As, select the file location and name and click OK in the Save As dialog.

However on any situation when u cant do that as your browser gets crashed each time you are trying to save a link or image from a webpage, (using Firefox 6.02, Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9). Also, you wont be able to use the Adobe PDF printer from either browser. 

Note that, Explorer will not crash, only the application that is trying to save the file crashes and it only happens when the web is involved. We will be able to Save As from any other application (Word, Acrobat, etc.).

However, you can still use the convert to PDF button in Internet Explorer 9 and you can also open a PDF link in a new tab/window. And you can also save PDF Files from Acrobat's toolbar.

So, what is the work around for this behaviour or does any one have any idea of what might be going on?


One of the easiest fix for this problem is, to try System Restore. Follow this link to know how to use System restore in Windows 7

If you would like to do some research with the problem, just try this.

  • Create a new User account in Windows 7 and try if the same problem occurs.
  • If the problem occurs again, the best solution is the easiest solution as we said above.

If the problem does not occur, just move all your documents and settings from that user account to the newly created account and delete the old account. But, make sure you copied all the content from your old user profile to the new one.


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