Thursday, September 29, 2011


Limitations Of Office 365 | Features You Will Miss On Office 365

Users often need to access files on the go, perhaps to review a report with a client, check recent sales data in a worksheet, or update the spelling on a slide. Office Web Apps give you tools to review your files and make simple changes from any point you have web access.

Although the programs are robust enough to help you create, edit, and share simple files, they do not include many of the specific tools that are available to you in the Office programs you run on your computer. For example, high-end protection features, such as Information Rights Management (IRM), are not available in Office Web Apps.

For increased security, Microsoft recommends you use the full version of the software available on your desktop or laptop computer.

Additionally, although you can view tracked changes in a document that has been posted to a SharePoint document library and opened in Word Web App, the web program doesn’t include any functionality that will enable you to work with the tracked changes.

To work with tracked changes, you need to use your desktop version of the software.

Here are some other differences you should be aware of:

  • Format Painter isn’t available in Office Web Apps.
  • You can’t add symbols or shapes or use the equation or date and time feature in
    Office Web Apps.
  • Word Web App doesn’t allow you to edit objects such as SmartArt.
  • Translation features and the thesaurus are also not available.
  • The Spelling Checker is available only in Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Macros are not enabled in any of the Office Web Apps.
  • You can’t use inking or embed media files in a notebook in OneNote Web App.
  • Microsoft released a the next Windows Phone operating system, codenamed Mango. This new release will add features that make sharing files easier and more seamless when you’re interacting with Office 365. Mango also supports Lync functionality so that you can take your instant messaging and presence on the road with you while staying in sync with Office 365.


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