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Step-by-Step Procedure To Un Install Windows 8

If on any situation you want to remove Windows 8 from your machine, this article will explain the step-by-step procedure on how to un-install Windows 8 from your system.

Apart from the Metro interface, Windows 8 has got many new features like introduction of ribbon interface for Windows explorer, newly designed task manager, Apps and App store, etc. The main intention of Microsoft is to make sure that the hardware of Windows 7 should be compatible with Windows 8 operating system.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Un Install Windows 8;

  • 1. If you are in the Metro interface of Windows 8, click on the desktop App.
  • 2. When you click on the desktop App, you will be taken to the desktop version of Windows 8 operating system.
  • 3. Press "Windows+R" from your keyboard. Windows Run box will open.

Step-by-Step Procedure To Un Install Windows 8

  • 4. Type "msconfig" in the run box and click enter.
  • 5. When you click on the enter button, "System Configuration" box will open. In the box, go to the "Boot Tab" and select “Windows Developer Preview" or "Windows 8”. Then select "Delete" button.
  • 6. Select "Apply" button and then "ok" button.
  • 7. Now, we have to format the hard disk partition where Windows 8 Developer preview is installed.
  • 8. To do that, open "My computer" folder and right-click on the drive where Windows 8 has been installed. Select "Format" on the drive.

Now, you have successfully removed Windows 8 from your system. However, if you are planning to Install Windows 8 in future, the best way is to try installing windows 8 on virtual machine, we have already discussed on how to Install Windows 8. Please visit the following link VMWare Workstation 8 and Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Windows 8 Developer preview got a positive feedback from the Developers who are using it. The main attraction of Windows 8 is the new Metro interface. Metro interface in Windows 8 got both positive and negative review from different people. Leave your comment on this page to share your opinion on Windows 8.


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