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What Is Cloud Computing | Understanding Microsoft's Cloud Services

Want to put together a project team? You can do that in the cloud so that team members all over the globe can collaborate and communicate easily. Need to create a meeting space for your regional sales reps? You can create a team site for everyone in the cloud, using web servers and software, and you can enable every person to log in from any point they have access to the web.

The phrase cloud computing brings you the feeling of stretching out on a hillside on a summer day while your sons can still point out the animals and shapes they saw in the clouds above.

Yes, Cloud computing is a little like that—the ability of your technology to take on the shape you need for the type of project you need to accomplish.

So where is this cloud? The real definition of the phrase cloud computing simply means the ability to access files and applications online through multiple devices—your  computer, browser, or phone.

What Is Cloud Computing  Understanding Microsoft's Cloud Services

Microsoft has already been offering cloud services through the web in various ways:

  • Windows Live SkyDrive is one of the Windows Live Services, a free web-based application that enables you to save, store, organize, and share files easily.
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps are available for Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2010, and OneNote 2010, making it possible for you to save and work with your Office files online and collaborate with other authors. Office 2010 Web Apps are free to registered Office 2010 users.
  • Microsoft Office Live Small Business is a web-based suite of services that enable you to create and market a website, communicate with others by email and instant messaging, and store and share files online. The basic services are free, and you can add specialty features for a monthly fee.
  • Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) is a suite of messaging and communications programs designed to provide the kind of collaboration support companies need. BPOS includes Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Communications Online, and Office Live Meeting, all for a monthly, per-user fee.

The best news about cloud computing for you as an end user is the added flexibility the services offer you, without additional investment in either hardware or software. You can simply use your web browser—which is open anyway, right?—to get to the files you need to work with, make any changes, and save and share the files as you see fit.

The great thing about cloud computing for companies is that it enables them to expand the services they offer both staff and customers without adding to their own hardware infrastructure. Web services enable companies to connect workers and make collaboration possible on a global scale without adding servers, setting up datacentres, and more. The environment is secure, flexible, and expandable to accommodate as many users as businesses need to support.


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