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Amazon Kindle Fire Advantages And Disadvantages

Amazon has just changed the eReader and tablet landscape, not by tiny bit, but by a whole lot. Making it clear to the world that there were only two true tablet makers that is the Apple iPad and the second is Amazon Kindle Fire.

Whatever happened in between is just a bad dream from which the likes of Samsung and HTC are still recovering. Amazon launched its Android tablet called Kindle Fire for $199. That’s cheaper than any decent tablet out there.

Kindle Fire is Amazon’s moat to sell its cloud services

With Kindle Fire, Amazon took a startup approach. The word on the street is that, Amazon took the Blackberry Playbook hardware made some modifications, loaded its own fork of Android which is somewhere between Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 and finally made sure the kitsch works. Amazon has become the great integrator. So how is this new fangled tablet?

Amazon Kindle Fire  Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages Of Amazon Kindle Fire:

Kindle Fire comes with a 1 GHz dual core processor, 7-inch capacitive touch screen with IPS display and a resolution of 1024×600, free cloud storage, 8 GB internal memory, battery life for 8 hours reading or 7.5 hours of watching videos and WiFi.

Nothing spectacular about the specifications and these are something what a normal person would want from a tablet. and one can say without even looking at the Amazon webpage. And also, for $199 tablet this is the best you can get.

Amazon Kindle Fire Advantages And Disadvantages

The cloud service which Amazon offering is the brightest part of Kindle Fire. 10,000 movies and popular TV shows, 800,000 books which cost $9.99 or less and 2 million free books – that’s the US customers get access to when they buy Kindle Fire.

Amazon has also introduced a Silk Browser which is purported to be a new way of doing things on a tablet.

Disadvantages Of Amazon Kindle Fire:

Kindle Fire isn’t  proper Android tablet. It is a forked version which means, whatever updates Google does will not make it to the Fire. Amazon owns the OS on Fire and will be responsible for all the future updates. Kindle Fire can’t connect to Android market either. All it can connect to is the Amazon App Store. Kindle Fire can still run Android apps which would mean installing the application’s directly but that could be too much of a trouble if you are looking for a tablet that works.

Kindle Fire doesn’t have 3G, there’s no camera and there’s no microphone . Clearly Amazon is targeting Kindle Fire to be a media consumption for its vast cloud services. No camera and no microphone is something I can understand.

In fact, they could be things which brought the cost down for Fire. But no 3G? Sure WiFi is ubiquitous from Airport lounges and coffee shops to massage parlors. But for a mobile device which is heavily dependent on anytime available cloud service, not having a innate mobile connection capability is befuddling.

Amazon Kindle Fire Demo

End Note:

Don’t consider Amazon Kindle Fire as a success for Android tablets. Because it is not. However, Amazon has created a whole lot of stickiness for its customers with Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire has shown that a successful tablet isn’t all about the greatest hardware. It’s the applications and the ecosystem.

Without which the brightest of the tablets are destined to fail. This is a tablet which only an Amazon could have pulled of. In fact Kindle Fire would be a nemesis of Android tablets.

Now Android tablet manufactures have to compete with both iPad and Kindle Fire – one at the top end and one and the lower end of the spectrum.


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Very well put. The Fire will defiantly be an outstanding device to run content from with Amazons massive liberary. It will be interesting to see if Amazon bring out newer models anytime soon, id like a 9" version with 3G access.

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Thank you for your comment on bench3. Steve!