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HTC EVO 3D Vs HTC Sensation | HTC EVO Available On Vodafone UK

It doesn't come as a surprise that Vodafone was the first to put up a holding page for the HTC EVO 3D Smartphone as it was also one of the first to publicly announce that it would sell the previous HTC Super phone, the Sensation. Vodafone doesn't say yet when the Smartphone will be available, offering only the option to register for future updates.

It shows that Vodafone UK is already preparing its pre-order campaign. You can already register your interest and there is a cool ad for you to enjoy.

Vodafone UK has uploaded a teaser video regarding the HTC EVO 3D, the exciting new dual-core Android 2.3 phone announced by HTC. The network has also put up a holding page for the phone on its online shop, so if you’re impressed by HTC’s rather chunky new 3D phone you can register your interest. Here’s a brief look at some of the EVO 3D’s features, courtesy of Vodafone:

The HTC EVO 3D is supposed to hit the shelves next month, so we guess now is a good time to start saving.

Two things one will like about the Evo 3D are the more RAM and bigger battery than the Sensation. Not many do care for the 3D. Its a Smart Phone and it needs to save lots of its battery for longer life. I guess 3D will spoil the party.

Many couldn't care less about the 3D so they would rather the better camera on the Sensation. They ma still be leaning towards the Sensation because it has beautiful, sleek, curved design while the Evo 3D is a chunky, heavy box in comparison.

For the U.S. specification HTC EVO 3D has slightly more RAM therefore should eliminate any lagging issues.

Battery issues being the worst thing. Looking at last year's Evo – almost all the users have said just how bad the battery was. And yes,  it is just for the reason i have said before. A Smart Phone with dual speed and a 3D Effect will consume large amount of its battery than a normal Smart Phone. Its the same for HTC Sensation.

HTC sensation is an amazing phone but there are some issues with the battery and yes, on some occasions it is required to charge the phone twice on a single day.And few also made some complaints that they have problem with the camera. Some green and red lines flickers on the screen. When i looked it up on Google, I found many such complaints related to this.

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