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Microsoft Certified Courses On Windows 7 | Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, an Overview

bench3 is resolved to help out those who aspire to become MCTS in Windows 7 Configuring, by introducing a new feature on Practical Test for the said examination viz., Exam 70-680. Before moving to the new feature, it is pertinent to have an overview about the said Examination.

If you are looking for the Topics On Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (70-680)), follow this link.

Its not a good idea to follow Brain dumps for Exam 70-680: Of course, bench3 do not encourage using brain dumps for passing this certification program for various reasons. among which:

Brain dumps degrades the value of the certification. What is the point in getting a certification by merely reading the questions and answers for the examination?

Do you know? Brain dumps violate copy right rules. Typically, brain dumps are questions taken from the actual examinations either by memorizing or by some illegal means. Either way, it is copy right violation and illegal. The questions are prepared by someone else and you are not allowed to use it as your own.

Understanding MCTS:

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (called as MCTS), is a certification accorded by the Microsoft Corporation to those who clear the examination called Windows 7 Configuring or Exam 70-680. This certification merely shows an individual’s in-depth knowledge in a specific area of operation. And those who complete MCTS would be having thorough knowledge in implementation, Trouble Shooting and Debugging with reference to a specific Technology and having experience in that field for one or more years.

Microsoft Certified Courses On Windows 7 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, an Overview

This MCTS certification is also seen as a ladder in obtaining MCITP or Microsoft Certified IT Professional.

Details on Microsoft Certification on Windows 7, Configuring:

At present, the Microsoft Corporation offers four Certification examinations with reference to Windows 7 Operating System. They are:

  • Windows 7 Configuring (Exam 70-680)
  • Windows 7 Preinstalling for OEMs (Exam 70-683)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Administrator (Exam 70-686)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician (Exam 70-685)

Windows 7 Configuring Examination or Exam 70-680:

The Windows 7, Configuring or Exam 70-680 is available for the individuals

  • with minimum of One or more years experience in IT field; and
  • with experience in implementation and administration of Windows Operating System [Any experience in Windows 7 will make lots of difference] in a Network environment.

Skills and Its Weightage in Exam 70-680:

  • Installation, Up gradation and Migration to Windows 7 [this topic weighs 14% of examination]
  • Deployment of Windows 7 [weighs 13%]
  • Configuration of Hardware and Applications [weighs 14%]
  • Configuration of Network Connectivity [weighs 14%]
  • Configuration of access to resources [weighs 13%]
  • Configuration of Mobile Computing [weighs 10%]
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of systems that run Windows 7 [weighs 11%]
  • Configuration of Recovery and Back-up Options [weighs 11%]

Successfully clearing the examination, will give an Individual, MCTS or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Certification in Windows 7, Configuring and moves that individual a step further towards MCITP or Microsoft Certified IT Professional.

Every individual has got 3 choices in the MCITP examinations to become Enterprise Administrator, Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7 and Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7.

Follow This Link (Topics On Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (70-680))  To Know the Topics Covered In MCTS or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Certification in Windows 7 (70-680)


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