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Nokia E6 Advantages And Disadvantages

In regards to functionality, Nokia E6 can make Yahoo calls, MSN calls, Skype calls, Google Talk calls and more. Plus it has built-in VOIP and SIP which means you can go to your regular phone book and make an internet call just like E51 and E71.

The question that every one ask is, why Nokia always goes with Symbian OS and not android. People think that  android phone is better than Symbian and a capacitive touch screen is better. Please remember, Nokia E6 has capacitive touch screen.

Full Focus Not Fixed Focus:

Nokia E6 has got a full focus (EDoF) camera which is different from fixed focus camera. It is Tempting but Not really. The deal breaker is the full focus. Again, its called full-focus not fixed-focus. Though many refer it as a disadvantages, it too have some advantages like,

  • Nokia E6 can take pictures instantly. There is no focusing delay. You'll never miss a moment.
  • All pictures on Nokia E6 will always be in focus from 50 cm to infinity. It'll never take an out-of-focus picture.


Nokia E6 has got the gorilla glass which is little bit flexible than normal glass , it is not going to rigid as any other glass, you can see a preview of Gorilla Glass In This video.

Nokia E6 has some of the nice features with excellent sharpness on screen. Touchscreen is fine, but most people will be using the keyboard a lot which is also comfortable. One of the down-side is that some applications on the OVI Store are currently not compatible with the 640x480=325ppi screen resolution, leading to a application sizes that are too tiny. Hope that more E6-compatible applications are available in the near future.

Nokia E6 Advantages And Disadvantages

The D-pad on Nokia E6 is welcome when you need to hit small links on websites - and it is perfectly usable to navigate the menus. You can pretend there's no touchscreen if you want. Just one thing: a track pad would've made quite a lot of sense – especially in the web browser. The touchscreen is fine but they didn't get rid of the D-pad. Could've easily used the E72 combo and thrown in a track pad.

Understanding Supported Audio And video Formats For Any Mobile Device:

What most people need to understand is that in the world of digital video there are two things to remember, Containers and Codecs. An example of a container is MP4 and a codec used in that container is XVID. E6 supports Matroska (MKV). I have quite a bit of MKV files.

Here is some tips about the codecs and supported format in Nokia E6. Most of us don’t know that the container is different from codec.

  • Example for Container:  AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, TS, M2TS, etc.
  • Example for Video Codec:  MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), DivX, Xvid, VC-1, VP6, etc.
  • Example for Audio Codec:  MP3, AAC, AC-3 (Dolby), DTS, Vorbis, etc.

While Nokia E6 can open all current major container formats like AVI, MP4 and MKV, it does NOT mean it can play all video and audio codecs stored in them.

The world of digital video formats can be a very complicated one. And its very hard to say whether all video file will work on all device. AVI is quite an old format now as Hh263 and H.264 are so much more efficient. Files in any video format even mp4 might not work on some devices because of DRM or the bitrate is too high for the device. So to sum up its hit and miss with video formats because they are complex files.

Even with 3GP video files being quite the standard sometimes it won't work. by the time when Nokia 6230 was launched, 3GP files was said to be the only supported video file format but I remember one or two refusing to work because .mp4 codecs were used in them and the 6230 will not support the MP4 format. 

3GP is officially known as 3GPP and then came 3GPP2 which is said to be very close to MP4 but the funny thing is that I have seen 3GPP and 3GPP2 files that had better quality than many MP4 files. As I said it's a complicated format.

Nokia E6 by itself will not block text messages from a particular person. If you are looking to block in such a way, Just get Handy Blacklist 1.0 or 2.0 or even 3.0 or higher if you like. It's very good. And it have been tested on previous E-Series and it works like a charm using an extremely small amount of resources.

Another thing that is missing in Nokia E6 is, it does not have the feature to search songs on music player.

For Example: I want to search for a song in my music library, so I opened the music player, selected ''tracks'' to view all my existing songs. But I can't see an option to search for a single song. On e72 all you need to do is, just type in the name of the song, and it would find it directly. However on the Nokia E6 I can't just type the name of the song because there isn't any option to search for a song. So the only thing that is possible for me is to scroll and find this single song which is really annoying.

Also remember, the screen resolution on Nokia E6 better than Nokia E72 and because of the this (may be) the battery life will be different in both E72 and E6 though they both are having the same battery pack.

Music / Sound Effects:

Regarding the volume of the speaker, I've been using a Nokia N73 before I bought the E6, and I must say the N73 is louder in terms of the loudspeaker. The loudness while using the headset for both the N73 and E6 are pretty much the same (in my opinion), but quality is much better in the E6.

Navigation through the phone is a pleasure to the eyes. Crisp and clear. Minor lags are very negligible. In my case, I encounter it only when using heavy apps. Again, that’s an option.

Nokia E6 has few drawbacks as discussed above, and here is one more to that list, the absence of notification light when there is an incoming message.

Touch On E Series:

You pretty much have to use the touchscreen throughout using the phone. It's pretty intuitive, though. The main thing is, there aren't the usual left and right buttons under the screen as hardware keys anymore, so you'll have to press the screen to accept or back out of menus/settings.

Even if you are not good on the touchscreen aspect, after having the phone for a few days you will find better using it more and more. You will hardly ever use the d-pad anymore and it makes inputting text or selecting links in the browser a much more enjoyable experience as you just quickly tap on the field you need instead of scrolling over to it.


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December 4, 2011 at 9:27 AM delete

That E6, for Nokia, is a great mistake.
I was using E5 before decided to give E6 a trial. It was after I have bought it that I realized I have made a terrible mistake. E6 is nothing to write home about.
The first thing I noticed was that E5 could be set in a such a way that whenever the USB Cable or the earpiece is inserted, it will bring a menu of options for you to select what you need. In E6, you need to go to settings everytime to choose what you really need.
Secondly, let's say I want to call John who has two mobile numbers which I have saved together under a single name. In E5, once I type J O H at the standby, press the call button, it will ask which of the numbers I want to call. In E6, press the call button, without asking you, it will automatically dial the first number, which you might not want to call.
In E5, the notification light is so bright, that even in broad day light, you will see it. In E6, even in the dark, you'll bearly see the notification light blink.
Now the music player. I don't really know the right name to use for a person that produced such an E6 player where you can't mark two tracks, you can't just type a track name to search for it, you have to scroll and scroll before finding a track. It's so annoying. I wish I'd not trusted Nokia so much to have thought E6 would be better than E5.

December 4, 2011 at 11:26 AM delete

Thanks for your comments about Nokia E6 on bench3.

December 11, 2011 at 9:05 PM delete

da khazi kus d waghaim ok

February 17, 2012 at 4:37 PM delete

e6 ws good nd all bull shit

February 25, 2012 at 12:06 AM delete

E6 is such a nice ph budies