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Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is an Android Gingerbread phone with 3" capacitive touchscreen display. The phone offers Bluetooth, 3G, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has 2MP camera with video recording feature.

The phone has social networking app and IM to let users stay in touch. Other features include A-GPS, push email, 832MHz processor, and 32GB expandable memory.

In this article lets see some of the good and the disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. And to start with, here are some of the Good features of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360:

Very responsive touch screen and also excellent Battery Life, I've downloaded angry birds and other games and it worked well, no lags whatsoever. YouTube videos in HD showed very good on the dolphin HD browser.

Battery life is up to 3 days on standby, but I tried using it often for today to drain the battery and it lasted around more than 10 hours, with me playing games and using Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Advantages and Disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages are here:

It only has android 2.3, and most mobile running froyo can be upgraded to 2.3.

Its screen is too small & resolution of the screen is pathetic, typing SMS will be much tougher. Also, many android apps will not run in this resolution.

Another thing the inbuilt browser doesn't support embedded flash video,but with dolphin HD browser you can see any video. The browser is really smooth and no lag.

In any Android phone from Samsung can use the Dolphin Browser to support flash. You can download Dolphin HD browser from Android Market.

If you face problem with Bluetooth connectivity, and if you are not able to connect Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with your laptop as a modem through Bluetooth, and if you feel that there is some problem in Bluetooth, make a note that, Android Bluetooth devices are not discoverable by default. so maybe you need to turn on Bluetooth visibility which turns visibility on for 2 minutes only. menu-->wireless and network --> Bluetooth settings --> visible (tick)

If you still not happy with your mobile, Don't do anything just go to your seller and tell him to replace it with a new phone. Don't go 2 service centre. There is a 7day replacement guarantee. Just force your seller to replace it with a new phone.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 at this price range of Rs.7000 is good. Excellent buy, you won't regret it for all the features of this phone. Very efficient and affordable. Go for this phone if u have low budget.

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i agree with most of what you mentioned except about the gets drained very fast especially when i surf a lot

Can i install dolphin hd browser

Here is a link to get dolphin hd browser for Android Phones.

For battery issues,install juice defender From Andriod market, and turn off WiFI, Bluetooth and 3g or Edge when not required or when not in use.. You can very well sage your battery. Feel the difference of juice defender!

yes i hav installed dolphin hd browser it works fine though i want to ask can gal y play angry birds seasons ??

yes you can play angry birds on G Y :)

Does galaxy y support hd motion sensor games

regarding on ringing and receiving incoming call it is already resolved???? and from the time to time reset after a call?? pls reply if this problem is already resolved because i hear so much regarding that problem....

Don't purchase this phone, It has serious issue in incoming calls.
Check this

Not able to download games from keep on downloading again n again....can nyone help!!

do I have to use anti-virus on my fone??samsung galaxy y???

You can use Antivirus if you can find for your Android device. It is not mandatory!

how can i set my mp3 songs in my galaxy y as message tone??

im trying to scroll evrything but it seems that it can't be.. only for incoming calls

Long press your MP3 file and see if you are getting any option to set it as message tone!

can i play Buddy Rush in this phone? the game made by solmo..pls answer me

pick a tone that you want to be a message alert tone in "my files" folder then copy it then paste it in the notification folder found also at "my files". after you've paste it go to the settings, sound, notification ringtone then you will see the tone you want to be a message alert tone.

what kind of racing game can i install on my galaxy y,.? i tried installing many racing games but it did not work. what website can i find it,.? thnx a lot.

my usb connector doesn't work it can't be recognize by the computer,. how can i fix this,.?

Check on any other PC if your USB Wire is working fine. If it does, then you can try what other option. If it does not, your USB is not working. or tell us what exactly the problem is.. cant you able to see your mobile or the data card. or what it is.

every time i plug in my usb to transfer downloaded files from my pc to my phone the pop up message says "usb not recognized". i've tried browsing my settings but i can't find any option for my usb connector.

u know.. ur left side bar is killing me.. i cant read anything..

how can i use GPS in G Y?

Open your Google Maps, there you can get some clue to use GPS.

is games n apps install in internal memory in this G.Y ????

Can i read pdf files on galaxy y

Yes you can read PDF if you have the apps installed

TThIm looking to see if the proximity sensors double up to be a notification alert. Im used to having some form of flashing light to advise i have a notification but nothing happens on my galaxy y. Is this right or ave i missed something on set up.

Can anyone help me connect to my keeps saying connected then disconnected then searching, its as if its in a loop? software version is 2.3.5 only got it today and already thinking about taking it back tomorrow..

i cant connect it to my laptop says the installation is not successful :( how can i solve it.. answer pls

can you send us the link to download angry birds.

Plz tell me abaout any hd racing game to plying multi player from wifi On samsung galaxy Young? Im v.sAd tO bought this phOne :( plz fAst Reply! or SmS me 03218908343 Plz bRO


how to instal android market in galaxy y

you dont want to install Android Market on ANdroid phones, it will be tere as a ico on your menu or sometimes on your home screen. However if you want to use that, you need to register your device using a email and some details!

how to open PDF, xl, word file on Galaxy Y S5360? Which application needs to down-load? From where to download..??? Plzzz reply..

does galaxy y support adobe flash content in websites while browsing

Can we install the "Good" application on this phone? ("Good" is to open the email)

Is it upgradeable to android 4.0 from 2.3 ??

What should be the optimum external memory size?

is it normal to samsung galaxy y that my external memory ads up files even if i'm not downloading or installing apps or files? for example the newly formatted 2Gb mem. card has 1.84Gb capacity with 64kb used file and even if I'm not using my fone the next time i check the memory status it will change to 200+ Kb? thanks

does this phone have tv?

No, it does not have TV.

It is possible if your phone saves some data to your card. check your settings!

i turned off the GPS then my problem solves. maybe the maps save data automatically?

i cant figure how to transfer files by bluetooth.please help:-\

best way to keep my ram low any help deleted as much as i can?

Anonymous have solved your usb connection problem???If yes so give me solution or otherwise i have to go to care centre..USB connection problem is very offten in galaxy y sets..

If you are having USB Problem on Samsung Galaxy Phone, try a different system if it works. If you still face problem, ask for a replacement.

What is the downloading speed if 2g network is used ? My daily usage is facebook for an hour listening songs for half an hour what is the battery back up i can expect ? Pls reply . Thank you.

i have an usb problem please help me

is games n apps install in SD card
(memory card) in samsung galaxy y s5360, plz plz plz reply me.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

is games n apps install in SD card
(memory card) in samsung galaxy y s5360, plz plz plz reply me.

i have problem in sms. how to forword sms in this mobile bcz its having thread view sms.

plz any one suggest how change thread view.

games n apps install in SD card
(memory card) in samsung
galaxy y s5360? plz reply

can i purchase samsung galaxy y? please tell me any one

games and apps do install on SD Card, there is no reason why.. it is my design.

And then, yes you can buy Samsung galaxy Y, if you are just a new bee to Android. and it will make you feel good.

battery won't hold a charge..same with my sister's...grrr...

PLZ REPLY ME..........I M PLANNING TO BUY................


iam using a SG Y .. when i call through skype, the other part cant hear me clearly,, bt everything is perfect with the settings, can any one help me out?

Hi, m planning to buy a phone in 7000 range i have planned to buy Samsung Galaxy Y but i have seen various -ve comments.can i go for that also tell me about false call problems.tell me if there is other choice..

I have worked with SKYPE. An SIP For android platform should really work for Galaxy Y. I have no problem with SKYPE.. just try to re configure Skype... But in fact, there is no hard and soft configuration for Skype.

Galaxy Y is good for its price. And regarding the battery, its quite common to most smart phones. Try to use Juice defender, follow this link to know more to safe your battery.

Hi, Haja very informative posts.
I am planning to buy this phone, will I be able to access Microsoft Outlook mail? Some sales rep told me I can install but it will only sync with you laptop or comp, does that mean that I will not be able to send and receive real time mail?

Also can I make video calls using skype or other app with the rare camera? it has 2mp camera which many review says is not too good, will the opposite person be able to get atleast an average quality video?

There is no options for copy text , instead it copy full sms.

Some apps disappear and not seen the icon and if seen in task manger it will shows reinstalltion is in process......setting is ok....I disable the autoupdate.....still problem persist....any solution....

im having trouble now with wifi connection. previously i can easily be connected. but when i tried using the same wifi connection that i usually used, it just cant connect. i checked the settings but its still the same set-up. it scan for connection and when i tried to connect, it will just disable itself, obtain IP address and scan again. how can i resolve this?

Please tell me that should i purchase galaxy young s5360??????????????????? please any one tell me fast fast????????????

Yes you should...its awesome...but having some battery backup not so good....and having network problem..when someone trying to call you it shows not reacheble.....but this problem solved when you update the firmware. ...and memory card unmounted automaticlly....apart from that phone is totally good.....

Can anyone tell me why the memory card unmounted automaticlly in galaxy Y

my G Y always show the SD card removedb unexpextedly....i dont know why??? and it also has low internal download become limited..can anybody help??please..

Change the SD Card, the problem will be fix.

superb nice phone in cheap price u get all function purchase this phone

I am going to purchase samsung g y and i want to know about music expirience on headset comes with galaxy y pls rply...

How to forward a msg in galaxy Y ??

how to check the battery still left how many % on samsung galaxy y ? thx ^^

does flash player supports on samsung galaxy y and nfs can be installed on this phone and if yes how to go with it

does nfs game supports on samsung galaxy y

Wats the price of this phone from 2012 january 1? is there an 8gb mem card free with this phone?kindly reply.....

my game and app in sd card so how can install and this app not andorid market
so plz tell me how i can install in mobile

Guys can you let me know whether samsung galaxy y supports SIP calling using Fring or nimbuzz

hi guys.....anybody wants to knw abt how conncts ts phn wt laptop through usb the corct option..?

How to keep mp3 tone as ri.gtone? And did flash player.can b installed in sgy and if yes then how

internet is not working properly

any thing i download from android market does not work properly

guys don't worry.u just root ur samsung galaxy Y.u will get everything on regarding ur such problem as shown in ur comments above.stay happy.

How to install the flash plugin????????????

i have battery prob. it is running for only 6-7 hrs how can i solveit .....pls tell me guys...also how i connect it wt lapy. for internet acces...

Try using Samsung Kies For connecting to Internet on your laptop. And regarding battery problem, smart phones normally wont last power beyond 7 hours if you are using it at full.. follow this link,

sir i was try to connect it thro' samsung kies but there is no option for internet connection like nokia pc suit....pls give me direction...

how i can decrease my mob...ram without lost of any apps

can anyone pls tell me why i cant install "My paper plane 3d" , "Inertia escape velocity" and many other games on my samsung galaxy y 2.3.6 ??

its very nice mobile and forward the msg just hold the msg then u will get the option in that u have the forward option

when i connectt my galaxy y to transfer files from laptop to mobile.there is no icon appear in which i copy the files..??

how to connect bluetooth headset to samsung galaxy y

wat abt the camera in SG Y am planing to buy this phone is it good

i m unable to hear what other person is saying.whwreas with speaker i can hear everything

how can i connect to the internet?because i can't connect to the internet even if i have connections on wifi

how do i activate android on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Thanks to all for your comments!

how do i connect to the internet?

how to connect to the internet? go to setting, wireless and network, tick/choose packet data. the internet connection should be available unless you don't insert any sim card inside your phone.

if you wanna buy it, then go 4 it. it's generally good i guess. as far as i concern,1. the Samsung Galaxy Y is equippedwith an eight hundred megaherz cpuprocessor though it's gpu is not good enough to run some HD games like nova, modern combat sandstorm, bia2 etc. however, some other HD games are playable like guerilla bob armv6, heavy gunner, emissary war, etc.2. how to make your mp3s become ringtones and message tones: 1st ofall create two folders named"notifications" and "ringtones". then put or copy your mp3 into the folders. it's up to you about the mp3files, but the main point that folder notifications is for your message tones and folder ringtones is for of course ringtones.3. for those who get any problem with your Samsung Galaxy Y phone, the solution is to format your phone, 1st way is go to setting, privacy, and choose Reset Phone (it'llbe prompted a confirmation to continue, so, you have a chance to cancel it). the 2nd way is open the dial and type on the screen*2767*3855# (remember that this procedure cannot be cancelled once you have put those codes, so, you'd better think twice before you do that). In addition, both phone formatting methods will erase your phone data storage, your installed applications even they're installed in sd card. it won't erase your sd data like mp3, pictures, videos,or other downloaded files. once you've done this, the phone will restart and reinstall the software. if the above methods don't work then you should bring your phone to the service center.4. Dear SAI, the phone (Samsung Galaxy Y) has android as the OS Platform. So you don't need to activate the android. android itself is an environment of distinguished applications to run in it which also has its own characteristics. "Damn! I understand a little about android butit's even hard for me to explain to others. alright, the easiest way to explain is there is a symbian phone, there is a java phone, there is an ios phone (iphone), there is a window mobile phone, and, there is also an android phone. there you go, i think i did it now.5. those above I've told are all of thethings that i know. it's not 100% true though.

can you keep same phone number am told it ha sto be activated

Thanks Bootyman for your comments and for your time1

This comment has been removed by the author.

what should i use to connect my samsung galaxy y in android market through computer ? is it usb cord, or through wifi plase help me :


You can use Android Market from your mobile. If you can able to connect to Internet from your Pc through Samsung Galaxy Y, you can ... but that depends on your data plan.

can u plz tell me what kind of apps will not run on galaxy y

someone told me that we can run hd games like nova in samsung galaxy y with help of rooting or something like that... is that true????

why there is less sound in samsung galaxy y.. earing song.

hi ..does galaxy y have ram

can i play need for speed shift? without using chain fire 3d? with full graphics like in xperia x8?

and can i play dead space in full graphics? please

jebale vas igrice mobitel je pre dobar ..samo kamera..

how can i use wifi on my galaxy y

how dose work wifi

how can i use wifi on my galaxy y

hd game such as dead space requires an excellent gpu processor which cannot be found in sgy. i'm afraid the game cannot run in the phone. Even though it is installed but it won't work properly. Samsung galaxy mini has lower cpu clock speed than Samsung galaxy y but it has better gpu processor that enable it to run many hd games.

slide your phone top-down(open your notification bar) and click on wifi, or go to setting and choose wireless and notification, click wifi. The device will scan automatically any available hotspot connection in your area.

how to connect to internet in pc through samsung galaxy y i tries samsung kies but was not showing any connect to internet option after that i use usb tetherng but it was automatically getting disconnected tell me the solutio that how could i use samsung galaxy y as a mode for computer reply on please reply

Haza peer,M using this phone since 2 months...but after recent update from service gps n wifi notification are missing from my top status bar ...even after switching them ON.

Samsung galaxy y is not good phone its not for gaming i hate it samsung galaxy y fuck u.

how can i stop call forwarding?

Hello All of You who are using Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 plz tell me that can we download apps and themes and flash player then plz tell me the website and suggest me that wheather i bye Samsung Galaxy Y or i have to bye Nokia 5230 plz reply fast i will bye any of these two phones in the next month plz tell me.

how to rootup d mobile

how to rootup d mobile

my mob is can't connect to the 3G network it desplay the massage your sim not allow the facility and in my sim 3G are activated

my mobiles battery back-up so low then what i do

my mob is can't connect to the 3G network it desplay the massage your sim not allow the facility and in my sim 3G are activated

Is this phone have upgrade to android 4.0 ics???

Hello everyone,
I bought this phone one month ago. Since day one, it turned off on its own, usually at night but during dautime as well, with full-charged battery, on or off charger, with no applications runing. The only apps i dowloaded from Samsung market where Facebook and Skype and an antivirus program. I returned the phone, they unistalled everything and updated the software, still my phone turned off unexpectedly. They suggested i change my SIM card which was old, still it turned off. This is the third time they try to fix this. I also have problems with my signal reception in places i never had before with my old phone. With a little search i found out this is a common problem. Any ideas? I am a doctor so you understand my desperation since i rely on my phone professionally. Thanks in advance.

Great Mobiles. Thanks for sharing Admin

How to install PDF & MS-office on Galaxy Y, is it support for galaxy Y

how do you download mp3 to galxy y ???i dont have wifi here. do i just have to connect my usb to pc and download?

hey every one i have a plan 2 buy s y.... i jus want to knw whether its gud in making call through nimbuzz,googletalk n al... pls help me out.....

can i upgrade android software on my samsung galaxy y

yes.. we can browse sites to watch TV....
no charges, only ur net balence will deduce..

how can I install an anti-virus with my Samsung Galaxy y S-5360. Please find me the steps how. thanks!

how can we forward messages in samsung y s-5360???????????????

First my mobile show H range in net network but few days net netwrk show symbol E

H means high monicued, E means EDGE, u may hv noticd dat whn it shws E it browse fast

How to install themes in galaxy y...

hi! can u tell me should i buy this fone iz it a gud fone plz tell

y r the 2 led lights above the screen

It has many positive points i am gonna purchase it

wts ur nme the last cmmenter

this is what you call exquisite

i dont no, why am i posting here but just to make your interest in buying this cool mobile. this is able to play he games like need for speed shift hd. fifa 10. dead space. hero of sparta. gangster. angry birds and much more. if anyone needs games or any help foot hesitate to mail me. or my phone number 923123390254. believe me I Will help you as my brothers. it plays 720p videos. vvip android phone with lowest budget. no great phone with just two rupees .

can i open pdf files in samsung galaxy y??????

First my mobile show H range in net network but few days net netwrk show E AND E range net surf very very slow......howww

new to the "Smartphone", a couple of week ago I got a brand new Samsung Galaxy y S-5360 phone and I really like it... but recently I ahve noticed that in turned itself off and on and when I put it back in it showed to be at 71%. This has happened a few times.

Have I got a dodgy phone or do I have some setting wrong?

does galaxy y support adobe flash content in websites while browsing Read more

Why i can't download viber from android market?

Why i can't download viber from android market?

why never see any one reply this phone can support Flash ???

so far no issues with my calls except for the first call made. I was not aware of the proximity sensor. After the call I needed to play around with the settings. After that everything went smoothly.

Id your phone is rooted and upgraded to the higher version, you have a better chance of downloading apps. although I don't usually recommend it but you can also searbh the apk file thru google before installing it

Not necessarily since it's already an android

You'll need to utilize a third party app like gosms if you want to have mp3 used as your message tone.

First my mobile show H range in net network but few days net netwrk show E AND E range net surf very very slow......howww


I bought this cell,and its great,connection with wifi is superb,can video chat with yahoo messenger and voice chat through skype and yahoo messenger or fring,screen quality is great and full support with flash videos,its not iphone but not bad for the replacement

how to connect Samsung Galaxy Y s5360 to PC?

I'm planning to buy this Galaxy y. the most important thing for me when i buy a handset is the battery i want the battery to stay for atleast 1 day using it you think this phone capable of that?..I'm currently working on a SEMICON company and we are the one who make the chip for Nokia phone and this year they will release the new phone and you gotta lot it.. that is why I'm a little nervous if the Glaxy will still be the most wanted phone by the end of 2012....Will I buy?

Samsung galaxy the apps, the os gingerbread is superb!! good choice of fone :)) i suggest to buy this..its a worth buying!!!

Can i use Skype software on G Y?? please reply :)

i didnt get a headphones along with the galaxy y i the only 1 who didnt?

how can i download movies ?? UC browser n torrent doesn work well in my phone...z der ny other replacement??

Sammy's Galaxy Y is an excellent Android smartphone within that price range. There are lot of exciting features. I bought mine last November and got no problem with it. You just have to explore the settings and modify it if you want. You can even get apps from the Market easily. Good job Samsung! :)

hi all ,
when i connect my mobile to my laptop is automatically goes to charging and does not give me an option to connect my SD card with the laptop to trnasfer songs any idea why this is happening , any settings to be changed .. pls help .


how i convert gal y in 3d phone

i just purchsed a samsung galaxy Y (S5360). i m trying to connect it with my broadband wifi for last two days, with all possibilites and measures possible i.e. with static and movable ip settings. in static ip it showing connected with good signal strength but though i m not able to browse and surf. pls help and guide me ……………i am worried. your enriched knowledge and guidence will be highly appricated………………thanks

how to create folder to store sms, the way i used to have on my old nokia phone? or it cannot be done here?

i am connected to the internet but i cant browse, why? pls help...

Hello friends, I bought this phone 3 days ago. . It was working fine. . Today i installed a live wallpaper in it. What happened now was terrible. I just went to live wallpaper settings and my phone wallpaper changed to red and hanged. I took out the battery and when i switched on my phone again. The samsung icon appears again and again and after that nothing happens. Friends please help. . . It will be highly valued

Yes... Just search it in the market

Yeah it can play seasons

Motion sensing yes... But Hd, no... The resolution is only 240x320. Also the 832mhz processor would not be able to cope with HD graphics

Since you have bought this 3 days before, the best advice is that you take it to smasung store or to where you have purchased it, they can fix this easily... a simple reset might do well sometimes, but it is good that you ask them to see if they can fix a live wallpaper for you and make sure this never happens again.

My gy having ver. DDKJ2, Kernel
version, Build #

Is any new gingerbread ver. released so i can update my firmware

How to perform a simple rest. . The 2nd last person. . .Thank you very much

I am using samsung galaxy Y mobile. I have taken Blue tooth head set from Enter E-B200 and trying to pair with my mobile. But this head set is not showing up in the scanned blue tooth list. Please let me know Enter E-B200 is compatible with SAMSUNG GALAXY Y.

can i ask something? how to get application in android market? because i need the juice defender some say that this is good for the lifetime of your battery thats why i need that much ... plzz answer

Как работать с музыкальным плеером в Samsung Galaxy у?
я качала музыку с помощью юсби а она сохраняется только в моих файлах,а на звонок я ее не могу поставить,т.к она не появляется в папке Музыка?
что делать срочно??


how i can install flash player in g y 5360i in android market no compatable version. please help me..

hi i have samsung g y i can connect my mobile to pc and i can use net also its very good but i want to send SMS through system m not able to find any software to send pls can u help me how to send sms .. like we can send sms through nokia pc suite like that oly m asking pls guide me

want 2 change the conversation view into folder view of sms.. plzzz help me...

i have juice defender installed already now.. trying to observe my phone if juice defemder works .. because my GY's battery doesn'tlast a day

the internal memory of this phone is full after downloading some apps from market. is there any way to move those apps into sdcard?

Am I the only one experiencing data drainage?

how to formatte sdcard in SG Y

How to activate 3G on samsung galaxy y
pls reply

How to activate 3G on samsung galaxy y
pls reply

awesome phn in price bracket

May i knew What about gaming experience in galaxy y…??? How many hours of battery backup when i use 4hours of internet, two hours of music, one hour of gaming, 150 msg a day….. How will be the battery backup for these usage…???

Why cant I answer viber calls using SG Y?

I cant test if the viber call is working. help anyone?

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