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Understanding System Menu | Icon In The Upper Left Corner

The System Menu button is a tiny icon in the upper-left corner of each window. The icon shows which program you are running. When you click the icon, you see the System  menu:

You can also display the System menu by pressing alt-spacebar or by right-clicking the title bar of the window.

The system menu (also called as the window menu or control menu)  is a popup menu in Microsoft Windows, accessible by left-clicking on the upper-left icon of most windows, or by pressing the Alt and Space keys. This menu provides the user with the ability to perform some common tasks on the window, some in atypical ways.

For example, normally a user would move a window by dragging the title bar of the window - but with the option in the system menu the user gets a different cursor and procedure to move the window with.

Understanding System Menu

The commands on the System menu do the following:

  • Restore Resizes the window to its previous size, the same as the Restore button.
  • Move Enables you to move the window around on your screen by using the cursor (arrow) keys. This command does the same thing as dragging the window’s title bar with the mouse. Press ENTER to finish moving the window.
  • Size Enables you to change the size of the window by using the cursor keys. This command does the same thing as dragging the window borders with the mouse.
  • Minimize Minimizes the window, shrinking it to a small icon, the same as the Minimize button.
  • Maximize Maximizes the window to cover the whole screen, the same as the Maximize button.
  • Close Closes the window, the same as the Close button.

Some applications also add their own commands to the System menu. Some applications customize the system menu, typically through the GetSystemMenu WinAPI function. Cmd.exe is an example of this and offers the user an ability to change its preferences through its system menu (other a222pplications typically offer the user to change their preferences through the normal menu below their window's title bar).


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