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Why Do We Need Managers ?

A great boss can change your life, inspiring you to new heights both professionally and personally, and energizing you and your team to together overcome new challenges bigger than any one of you could tackle alone.

If you’ve had the opportunity to work with a manager like this, count yourself lucky. Such a manager can make a job a lot more enjoyable and productive. However, even managers who don’t live up to such lofty ideals and expectations are important to organizations.

A good manager is now by definition a leader. Equally, a good leader will also be a manager. But how do you become such a leader? Read more on my previous post on  the Differences And Similarities Of Leadership And Management and How To Become A Good Leader.

Well, here are the top three reasons, why Managers are Important.

The first reason managers are important is that organizations need their managerial skills and abilities more than ever in these uncertain, complex, and chaotic times. As organizations deal with today’s challenges, the worldwide economic climate, changing technology, ever-increasing globalization, and so forth, managers play an important role in identifying critical issues and crafting responses.

Why Do We Need Managers

Managers skills and abilities was crucial in guiding the organization through many challenging times.

Another reason managers are important to organizations is that they’re critical to getting
things done. A Managers job is to ensure that all the employees are getting their jobs done so the organization can do what it’s in business to do. If work isn’t getting done or isn’t getting done as it should be, Managers also the one who must find out why and get things back on track.

Finally, managers do matter to organizations! How do we know that? The Gallup Organization, which has polled millions of employees and tens of thousands of managers,
has found that the single most important variable in employee productivity and loyalty isn’t pay or benefits or workplace environment; it’s the quality of the relationship between employees and their direct supervisors.

In addition, global consulting firm Towers Watson found that the way a company manages and engages its people can significantly affect its financial performance. Also, a recent study of organizational performance found that managerial ability was important in creating organizational value.

What can we conclude from such reports? That managers are important and they do matter!

Leaders are not born, but developed. But, what exactly Leadership is? Read more on my other post on How To Develop Leadership Skills.


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