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Windows 7 Keep Getting Code 52 On Device Manager | How To Fix

Windows has been giving me a hard time with audio drivers. The problem occurred shortly after the Patch that have come from Windows update where updates were applied.

I keep getting Code 52 in the device manager : windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. The drivers used to work fine until then.

Computer is a  running Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit SP1 with all the latest updates from Microsoft.

Try the following fixes:

  • Uninstalling/reinstalling the driver and deleting the device and it's drivers from device manager before reinstalling.
  • Test your sound card using Diagnostic Utility from your vendor, (if it is dell, possible Dell Diagnostic Utility), and see if the sound card works.
  • Try system restore to revert to an earlier state, most probabley it should work…

And if all these steps failed to get the sound card working again, try these.

Well, now coming to the actual problem. One simple reason for this error is, your windows 7 system file have been damaged or has been corrupted. And Just to simple close this issue down, you can reinstall Windows 7 which will actually solve the problem.

You don’t want to format and install, just install on top of your current OS, and you can still able to find your old files in C:\Windows.Old.

While I never like to reformat a computer, too much time will actually be spent troubleshooting this issue and some times no headway will be made. Simple and fast, is to re install Windows 7. Or if you wish to fix and troubleshoot this, go ahead!

Please fully uninstall the driver, then download the appropriate drive in the following link.

Drivers From Dell

After installing this driver, please use Sigverif.exe to check the unsigned device drivers.

1. Click Start Menu, then type sigverif.exe.

2. Click sigverif.exe which is listed in the Program list.

3. Hit start to verify the drivers, when it finish's, click Advanced=>View Log.

If the sound card driver is unsigned, you may rename these files, then try to reinstall the driver again. If the issue still happen, I suggest you to contact the manufacturer to ask for a signed driver for this kind of issue.

Windows 7 Keep getting Code 52 On Device Manager

As you can see in the above figure, none of the audio drivers are listed.

When installing drivers for the audio device manually via the device manager, you will usually get the same code 52 error. On the second IDT HD audio device, you may get the following error :

"The class installer has denied the request to install or upgrade this device".

I have tried installing previous versions of the driver, both from the website you provided and with Dell tech support, but the problem persists.

I suggest you to rename all the files, and then try to install the driver again.

If it still does not help:

Just to finally close this issue down, we actually reinstalled Windows 7 on this laptop last week and it has solved the problem. While I never like to reformat a computer, too much time had already been spent troubleshooting this issue and no headway had been made. Thanks for all your help Juke.


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