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Windows 8 Tablet Vs Amazon Kindle Fire | Advantages And Disadvantages

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Kindle fire, its time to see how far Kindle fire can compete with Windows 8 Tablets. Even thought these two are not a match, it is good if the features you are looking for were there is Kindle Fire, you don’t need a Windows 8 Tablet.

Windows 8 Samsung tablets where shown in the Microsoft Build conference. Since then, many experts comparing Windows 8 tablets with Amazon kindle fire tablet. And no wonder, Amazon kindle fire tablet is giving high competition to Windows 8 tablets, Apple iPad and Android phones.

Warning! Remember, Windows 8 is always way ahead of Kindle in terms of use and performance. Where Kindle Fire is an entry level tablet.

Microsoft Introduced Windows 8 tablets to developers so as to develop more apps as well as to improve the app store for Microsoft and Windows 8.

Windows 8 tablet vs Amazon Kindle Fire:

Well, the fact is, just before the release of Amazon tablets, we people had no choice of choosing a tablet, it will be either Apple iPad, or some times, its Android. But now we got an option to switch between Apple or Android or Amazon Kindle Fire or Windows 8.

Buying a tablet is not just based on one factor. But, it includes many factors like, user interface, available apps, data usage plans, price, battery life, weight, dimensions, processor, storage capacity, camera, video recording, overall look and feel and etc., etc., etc., which may vary from person to person.

Windows 8 Tablet Vs Amazon Kindle Fire 1

Except those who work on Windows 8 project, most of us do not know where Windows 8 is heading. Also, most of us were not aware with Windows 8 apps and data plans. But we can expect huge competition between Amazon and Windows 8 tablets in coming years.

A table must have excellent battery life so that no need to carry extra batteries and power cords. It must have high booting speed which loads the operating system quickly and enable instant start and finish mechanism which is already present in Apple iPad.

Windows 8 Samsung tablets shown in Microsoft build conference do not seem to be much portable in comparison with 7-inch 14.6 ounce kindle fire tablet.

Windows 8 Tablet Vs Amazon Kindle FireMicrosoft is making no rush in market and playing wait game and they do not matter what other vendors doing. The price of Amazon kindle fire tablet is expected as $ 200 and it is too much cheaper in comparison with Apple iPad and Android tablets.

If you are an Apple and iPad lover and want to experience some new user interface with extra-ordinary features then Amazon kindle tablet is an option for you to play around as it costs too less for an Apple iPad and we guess that the Windows 8 table will cost some where between Kindle Fire and Apple iPad.

We believe that Microsoft is quite capable of adopting promotion strategy worldwide and if Microsoft can subsidize its tablets price then it will not be surprise for customers.

One good feature with Windows 8 OS is its cloud integration with Windows live ID's that synchronizes tablet settings with online options. Many believe that Windows Skydrive will act as the wildcard for Microsoft because it allows unlimited storage of photos and documents on the web. The picture will be clearer if Windows 8 tablet features will be public.

Some features of Windows 8 tablets are yet to come as we were talking about Windows 8 tablets almost a year ahead of its original and expected release. So, I believe it is early to compare Windows 8 tablets with Amazon kindle fire tablets. And if you are interested, you can also have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Kindle fire.


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