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9 Dream Features to Watch While Buying a Phone

The mobile phone is rapidly becoming the smarter device, “the one device that seems to have it all and becomes even more indispensable than it is now”.

Suppose you were to design a smartphone with the aim of being adored by its owners. Here is a list of Nine Important Points that will decide what the phone is all about. Of course, these were the things that will makes the phone, Perfect.

Excellent Battery Life:

This is of paramount importance. I miss the days where phones would last for days on end. Nowadays you are lucky to get 24 hours. I would gladly have my phone a centimeter thicker if it lasted for a couple of days without needing charging. I appreciate that room has to be made for all the awesome new features and technical upgrades our phones get, but without a big battery what’s the point? You can get more info on my previous article on, Tips To Increase Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy Ace and then on How To Effectively Increase Battery Life On Windows Phone.

9 Dream Features to Watch While Buying a Phone

It would also be nice to be able to use our phones as much as we want, without worrying about running out of power whilst we are away from the charger.

Impressive Display:

I think it is important for the screen to take up the whole front of a device so there is no wastage, except for thin Home, Menu, Back, and Search buttons. If you are going to make a phone large by filling it with powerful technology, at least make good use of the size you have created.

Good Sound:

Sometimes we want to watch YouTube videos or listen to music without headphones. We all hate our favorites being ruined by tinny speakers, and so a good sound system in the rear or front case of a phone never goes unappreciated.

Lightweight And Portable:

Mobile phone it’s in the name. Some of the new phones coming out are borderline minature tablets. A handset should be relatively lightweight and portable, and easy to fit in one’s hand. If you want big graphics, you may be better suited to a tablet.

Plenty Of Storage Space:

Though we keep on doubling up with storage capacity in phones, we always find a way to quickly use it up, whether with music, video, or just by being a photoholic. Upcoming phone’s should have big internal memory, perhaps 8GB as standard, with support for 32GB or even 64GB micro-SD cards. Phones are more media oriented than ever, and it makes sense that you can take around as much as possible.

No Bloatware:

Why should a complex process like rooting be needed to strip away the junk that runs on our phones? Android phones should be crisp and clean from the beginning, without SoundHound or HTC Hub installed by default. If we wanted that, we would seek it out for ourselves.

Designed to Last:

If someone is buying a state-of-the-art phone for an absurd amount of money, they want to be sure that it won’t go out of date in a hurry. With the way phones are being released at the moment this can happen quite quickly. An ideal phone would be miles ahead of other models, so you don’t feel behind with the times as quickly and get your money’s worth.

Improved Browsing:

Web browsing on mobile devices is far better than it was on WAP phones (remember those?) – but still far from perfect. Sometimes text-alignment when you zoom into pages can be a little off, and playing embedded Flash videos is pretty much hopeless. Improvements to these (and other) aspects of browsing would be lovely. (Though, of course, Flash videos will need to be replaced with another format.)

Fast Network Access:

The latest phones should make use of 4G where it is available. Some phones have slower network access rates than others, even some of the newest ones. An idealistic phone would make quicker switches between masts, and use the maximum network speeds available. It would also continue streaming without interruption, even if the connection shifts between speed modes, like 3G, HSPDA, and Edge.

If a phone held all of these aspects I am sure it would be a bestseller with outstanding reviews. As always if you have your own opinions, please go ahead and share them here as comments.


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