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Access All Your Online Cloud Files From A Single App

Cloud storage services like Google Docs, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. have made it easy for you keep your important files and documents online. These services are mostly free and you can have multiple accounts on them as long as you use separate email addresses.

This leads to another problem though. When you have files spread across multiple cloud services, managing them can be challenge. You may have stored one group of files on Dropbox, the other on Google Docs while some of the older files could be hosted on your old Google Docs account that you abandoned long ago.

Would it be nice if there were an easy to way to manage / search  and Use (them all from just one place) all your online files from one place without having to download them to the computer first?

Meet Otixo – an impressive web-app that lets you access files stored across different cloud service from a central location. To get started, you associate your Dropbox, Google Docs, Picasa, Amazon S3 and other online accounts with Otixo and then you can easily move or copy files between any of your accounts via simple drag-n-drop.

Otixo supports FTP so it can also be used to directly transfer files from any FTP server to Google Docs or Amazon S3 without having to write complicated scripts. You can even add multiple accounts from the same cloud service - like your old and new Google Docs accounts – and transfer file across these accounts easily.

Otixo lets you connect your favorite online services (like Dropbox®, Box®, Google Docs®, MobileMe®, FTP, etc.) to better manage your files in the web. Think of it like Apple’s Finder® or Window’s File Explorer®, but for the cloud.

With Otixo you can

  • Search and find your files across many cloud-based services in one simple step.
  • Move files from one service to another without downloading them first to your computer.
  • Access your many online services with a single username and password.
  • Use your mobile devices to access all your online files in one app.

Access All Your Online Cloud Files From A Single App 1

With your web browser

Use Otixo to access files across all your favorite online services like Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, MobileMe, FTP (and many more) from a single interface and then share them with your colleagues and friends no matter where your files are stored in the cloud.

Using your iPad

Use Otixo to open a document on your Google Docs account, edit it in Apple’s Pages® and then save it back to your company’s FTP site or your personal MobileMe iDisk account.

Access All Your Online Cloud Files From Single App

From your desktop

Mount Otixo as a network drive and manage all the files in your online services directly from Apple’s Finder® or Window’s File Explorer®.

Otixo offers unified search to help you quickly find all your files that are otherwise spread across multiple cloud services. You can delete files, create new folders, or upload files from the desktop to any of the associated cloud services. Everything just works.


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