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Change Profile Picture In Windows 8 | Step-by-Step Instructions

Changing the profile picture on Windows 8 is slightly different from what we do on Windows 7. However, it is very easy to change profile picture in windows 8 with few mouse clicks.

To change your windows 8 profile picture, login to your windows 8 operating system and then by default it will open start page. Click on the image on right top of the screen as shown in the below screenshot and select “change user tile” from the drop down menu.

How to Change Profile Picture in Windows 8

Once you have selected that option then it will open control panel with personalize settings. By default, on right side, user title option is selected where you can see a “Browse” button.

How to Change Profile Picture in Windows_8

Usually the tab, which is not selected will show as a green color. In the above screenshot, since we have selected User tile option that’s why “lock screen” tab is showing in green color. This is the easiest way to recognize which one is currently active.

If “user title” option is not selected then you can click on user title link to select it. Once you have selected, click on browse and locate the file which you want to upload as your profile picture from your hard drive and then upload it. It will take few seconds to upload your profile picture.

You have an added advantage if you are using webcam. As you can easily take your snap from your webcam and set it as your profile picture on Windows 8 Logon as well as you can set it as your Profile Picture on your Windows live account.

So, Hope you learned the process of changing profile picture in windows 8 operating system. If you have some other doubts then feel free to ask below.


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