Tuesday, November 1, 2011


How To Change Logon Picture in Windows 7

Microsoft supplies 36 user pictures (as you can see in the below screen shot) from which you can choose, an improvement from Window Vista’s 12, Instead of using Windows 7’s built-in images, why not use a favorite photograph or other image?

Here’s how: Open the Start menu and click on the user picture at the top-right corner of the Start menu. This causes the User Accounts window to open. Click the link titled Change Your Picture, and you’ll see the interface shown in Figure below.

Click the Browse for More Pictures link and then use the standard Open File window that appears to find a favorite photo.

How To Change Logon Picture in Windows 7_

Because your account picture always appears inside of a square area, you may want to edit a photo before performing these steps, cropping it accordingly into a square shape. That way, Windows 7 won’t have to do its own (non-optimal) cropping.

How To Change Logon Picture in Windows 7

You don’t have to settle for Windows 7’s built-in account pictures. You can click on Browse for more pictures on the left corner (as you see in the above picture) and choose your own picture or any thing that you like (art, internet pic.. so so so those you have on your Hard Disk or the system).


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