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How To Get More Storage Space On Galaxy Nexus S

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the most anticipated Android phone this year. I have a hard time believing Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be restricted to selling just the 16 GB version and not more. If they did though, they better not be trying to sell it for $300. $200 would be more in line with the 16 GB iPhone 4S.

For a while now, many of us have been disappointed with the lack of an SD slot on the Galaxy Nexus. With potentially only 16GB of internal memory, it's easy to see how a few movies and apps could eat that up in no time. So, what's the solution? Essentially, you have two options:

  • Cloud Storage
  • USB Hosting

I know most of you already know about cloud storage, but let me run through both real quick.

Cloud Storage: Cloud storage is the storage of your files and media on the "cloud", i.e. someone else's servers. You can read more about Cloud storage and the Advantages And Disadvantages To Cloud Storage in our previous post by following this location.

Cloud storage requires good data connection with unlimited usage,if you live on places where Internet is not so good. And the next best option to Cloud Storage is, one that's new with ICS and the Galaxy Nexus: USB Hosting.

USB Hosting: USB hosting was a feature introduced in Honeycomb on tablets. Now, with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, the feature will be brought to phones as well!

So, what is USB Hosting? Most of the time, you hear it being mentioned when talking about game controllers, and yes, that potential is there. However, USB hosting allows you to do much more than just use your Xbox controller on your phone. It essentially allows you to plug in any USB storage device into your phone, as long as you have the right adapter.

The Galaxy Nexus, like many phones, has a micro USB port (well, technically, it's an MHL port but, you know). There are plenty of adapters out there that will connect a USB device to your micro USB port, and they're dirt cheap (here's one).

So, when you combine this:

How To Get More Storage Space On Galaxy Nexus S

with this:

How To Get More Storage Space On Galaxy Nexus S 2

You can easily have up to an extra 64GB of storage to access your movies and music when you need it. When you're done, you can unplug it and keep it in your pocket. You're not restricted to thumb drives either, you can plug in an SD reader or even a 1 TB portable hard drive if you wanted.

There's a disadvantage here, too, though, namely, that you have to carry a jump drive (or hard drive, depending on how much space you want) around.

Here is a Video Demo On How To use USB Hosting On Galaxy Nexus S

You can either upload your files to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or plug in a USB drive and access your files from there.

So, there you have it! If this post helped you, feel free to leave your comment here.


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