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HTC Explorer Advantages And Disadvantages

HTC Explorer (formally the Pico) will be a mid-range smartphone which comes into HTC's product range underneath the Wildfire/Wildfire S and puts the Brew-based HTC Smart out to pasture whilst it's at it.

The HTC Explorer, however, is the only one of the couple to offer the latest HTC Sense UI 3.5 on top of its Android Gingerbread OS.

HTC Explorer is the most compact of its brothers measuring just 102.8mm x 57.2mm x 12.9mm and sporting a 3.2" HVGA display.

Being the scrawny new handset in the smartphone world can be daunting, but the Explorer has got a decent amount of hardware to keep it afloat. It essentially runs the Wildfire S hardware rebodied, but with HTC's intentions to make this their most affordable smartphone yet, aspects like the camera resolution have been turned down to 3.15MP (from the Wildfire S' 5MP unit) for example.

Beyond this however, the Explorer promises a full Android smartphone experience, complete with the latest Sense 3.5 UI. There's full web browsing with Flash support, social network integration and many other popular features that HTC consistently improve on.

HTC Explorer Advantages And Disadvantages

A couple of extra features, unique to the Explorer that HTC are pleased to point out are the inbuilt data monitor, which based on the users they expect to go for this device, allows you to track and manage your data allowance and usage on your package, without looking for a 3rd party management system.

One other key ability that the Explorer possess is an exchangeable back cover system. Nothing new on its own, but the first in the current line of HTC droids, presumably just to mix things up.

Colors include; Active Black, Active Navy, Metallic Black and Metallic Navy when purchased, with India-based customers having the additional options of Active Royal and Metallic Royal.

Extra covers can be purchased separately in a further 4 colors at least; Active Blue, Active Orange, Active White and Active Purple.

HTC Explorer is good for its price range. Good 3 Mega Pixel camera along with Good display resolution. Good touch screen.

This is the first entry level android phone in which the browser supports Flash.

HTC Explorer Advantages And Disadvantages

Disadvantages of HTC Explorer:

Here are some of the disadvantages of HTC Explorer.

  • Camera on HTC Explorer does not support night mode function and also does not have led flash for camera.
  • No front camera for video calling.
  • Supports only 256K colors.
  • No document viewing function
  • No folder option for your messages
  • No user changeable background display only black & white.
  • Battery backup is not as expected.

Battery is somewhat of a problem but it's expected with all the features and because one can't put it down! All phones have something that excels over the others, no phone is perfect. A Smart Phone will consume large amount of its battery. I would also recommend you to read the Ways To Increase Your Standby Time On Your Smart Phone.

And to sum up, HTC Explorer is good for its price range with decent camera and resolution. Its perfect if you are planning to try any of the entry level Android smart phones.

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