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Managing Your Budget With Excel Easily | Download Family Budget Template On Excel

In today's economy, smart money management is a necessary skill. Whether managing the family budget, planning college expenses, or budgeting for your upcoming wedding, Microsoft Excel can help you track the latest numbers, even while on the go with Excel Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone 7 or the Excel Web App.

To help you get the most out of Excel while planning your budgets, I wanted to share a few tips, including conditional formatting, sparklines, and how to share your budget among your family members.

Before we continue, download this sample workbook from this weblink for free. In this workbook, you can see how we used conditional formatting rules to highlight where expenses and income exceed budget, and created sparklines to show trends over a six-month period.

Change a value, and watch the conditional formatting in cells and the sparklines change! Be sure to take a look at Sheet2 in the workbook, where you'll see some how-to information for creating conditional formatting rules and the sparklines in your Excel spreadsheets.

Download Location For Workbook On Managing Your Budget Easily With Excel

By saving your workbook to SkyDrive or on DropBox, you can also share your budget with family members or friends, instead of emailing a massive file. Then everyone you give permission to can see and even make changes to the file.

Easy budget management with Excel

So, what are you budgeting for? Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned pro, get the Budget templates from this location and create and work with a budget using the official Budget templates from Microsoft.


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