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The Need For Computer Support Analyst And Help Desk

We all know that computers are prone to software conflicts, hardware malfunctions and security threats (such as virus and spyware infection) that make users go mad. Due to the fact that not everyone in the house is computer savvy, common problems like the ones mentioned may happen. Not every computer user knows how to troubleshoot the usual issues that may be encountered; especially when trying to connect to the Internet or to configure programs you’ve installed.

It’s because of such cases that computer help desk agents are needed to resolve computer-related concerns, and ensure that the computer stays in good working order.

Customer Service Is A Great Marketing Strategy:

Since computer help desk agents are the front-liners of the business, satisfied customers spreading good news through word of mouth about the experience they had with customer service is a great marketing strategy. This is an indication of good business, so every interaction counts.

Help desk agents need to be made aware of the fact that the assurance of help should be present in every call, to create a positive customer experience. It’s normal that once in a while, an irate caller will come to the gateway and complain. When such cases happen, the help desk agent needs to maintain a professional and positive attitude, and
leave the member pleased once the call is over.

The Need For Computer Support Analyst And Help Desk

The Need For Computer Support Analyst And Help Desk:

It is the level where customers raise their questions and problems via either phone or email. It’s also where most customers expect their problems will be taken care of immediately, and preferably right after they hang up. A computer operator for the support analyst help desk takes care of the diagnostic procedures.

The following are some of the duties that such an operator carries out and the need for having such an operator:

  • Answer calls from users that have computer-related problems, or they need assistance in the use of a software application, e.g. a spread sheet, graphic, database, e-mail or word processing application.
  • Answer questions based on their knowledge of computer operations.
  • Ask questions of the user(s) to assist in diagnosing the problem, find possible solutions and apply the diagnostic procedures.
  • Consult other computer experts to further study the problem and develop solutions, if necessary.
  • Be capable of explaining the errors to the programmers, and recommend changes to the program.
  • Stay abreast of developments, and update their knowledge and skills through continuous communication with computer experts and reading trade magazines, manuals and attend training seminars.

A computer operator support analyst help desk does not only require being knowledgeable in computer applications, but they should be trained as well in handling people.


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