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Samsung Galaxy S Can Make You Very Productive | Advantages Of Samsung Galaxy S

Smartphones are a great alternative to laptops because they’re small, convenient, and ready to launch their Web browsers right away. Even more important, when you have a smartphone, you can access the Internet wherever you are — whether Wi-Fi is available or not.

Samsung Galaxy S can be lots of fun and can make you very productive. But only if you know how to use it. Whether this is your first time using a smartphone or your first time using a touch screen, this post will give you the information you need to get started.

All cellphones on the market today include basic functions, and even some entry-level phones are a little more sophisticated. Of course, Samsung includes all basic functions on the Galaxy S model. In addition to making and taking calls and sending and receiving texts, the Galaxy S sports the following basic features:

Samsung Galaxy S

  • 5MP digital camera: This resolution is more than enough for posting good-quality images on the Internet and even 4 x 6" prints.
  • Ringtones: You can replace the standard ringtone with custom ringtones that you download to your phone. You also can specify different rings for different numbers.
  • Bluetooth: The Galaxy S phone supports stereo and standard Bluetooth devices. (See Chapter 3 for more on Bluetooth.)
  • High-resolution screen: The Galaxy S phone offers one of the highest-resolution touchscreens on the market (480 x 800 pixels).
  • Capacitive touch screen: The Galaxy S phone offers a very slick touch screen that’s sensitive enough to allow you to move the screen carefully, but not so sensitive that it’s hard to manage.

Taking Your Phone to the Next Level: In addition to the camera, High resolution touch screen, the Galaxy S phone has capabilities associated with many popular smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone and the phones based upon Windows Phone 7 OS:

  • Internet access: Access Web sites through a Web browser on your phone.
  • Photos: The phone comes with a camera, but also the ability to manage photos.
  • Wireless e-mail: Send and receive e-mail from your phone.
  • Multimedia: Play music and videos on your phone.
  • Contact Manager: The Galaxy S phone lets you take shortcuts from having to enter someone’s ten-digit number each time you want to call or text them. In fact, the Contact Manager has the ability to track all the numbers that an individual might have plus their e-mail address and photo. On top of that, it can synchronize with the Contact Manager on both your personal and work PC!
  • Digital camcorder: The Galaxy S phone comes with a built-in digital camcorder that records at a resolution that you can set, including HD.
  • Daily Briefing: The Galaxy S phone tracks your local weather, national news, your schedule, any alarms, and any relevant financial news.
  • Mapping and directions: The Galaxy S phone uses the GPS in your phone to tell you where you are, find local services that you need, and give you directions to where you want to go.
  • Business applications: The Galaxy S can keep you productive while you’re away from the office. I go into each of these capabilities in greater detail in the following sections. Internet access Until a few years ago, the only way to access the Internet when you were away from a desk was with a laptop.

The drawback to smartphones, though, is that their screen resolution is less than even the most basic laptop screen. Plus, image-heavy Web sites can take a long time to load. To accommodate this problem, more Web sites are adding mobile versions. These sites are slimmed-down versions of their main site with fewer images but similar access to the information on the site. These site names usually begin with m or mobile, such as

On the Galaxy S phone, you can use the mobile version of a Web site if you want, but if you prefer to use the standard Web site, you can pinch and stretch your way to get the information you want.


The image application on your phone helps you use the digital camera on your Galaxy S phone to its full potential. Studies have found that cellphone users tend to snap a bunch of pictures within the first month of phone usage. After that, the photos sit on the phone (instead of being downloaded to a computer), and the picture-taking rate drops dramatically.

The Galaxy S phone image management application is different. You can integrate your camera images into your home photo library, as well as photo-sharing sites such as Picasa and Flickr, with minimal effort.

Wireless e-mail:

On your Galaxy smartphone, you can access your business and personal e-mail accounts, reading and sending e-mail messages on the go. Depending on your e-mail system, you might be able to sync so that when you delete an e-mail on your phone, the e-mail is deleted on your computer at the same time so you don’t have to read the same messages on your phone and your computer.


Some smartphones allow you to play music and videos on your phone in place of a dedicated MP3 or video player. On the Galaxy S phone, you can use the applications that come with the phone, or you can download applications that offer these capabilities from Android Market.

Samsung Galaxy S Review

Samsung Galaxy S can be lots of fun and can make you very productive. But only if you know how to use it. Whether this is your first time using a smartphone or your first time using a touch screen.


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