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Top 10 Android Apps For Education and Children’s

Google Android one of the best and highly demanded products of Google. Basically we all know that Google Android is operating system for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. With the entry of smart devices in the mobile marketplace, the Android is becoming more and more popular OS these days.

Android Apps are getting popular because, Android is a free to use operating software and because Google doesn’t make any explicit hardware demands, any compatible device can run.

There are tons and tons of Android apps available for users and most of them even for free. In this article, i would like to talk about the best Android Apps related to Education and children’s.

Education and children’s apps abound for Android devices.

Following are the top 10 Android Apps for education and children’s which focus on test preparation, math concepts and skills, drawing, interactive storybooks, and other educational games for children of all ages.

Five Pumpkins (free): Five Pumpkins is the name of the company that makes several great educational flashcard apps for preschool-age kids. ABCs teaches the alphabet; Sight Words teaches short two- to four-letter words; Numbers teaches 0 through 10; and Numbers 50 teaches 1 through 50.The Colors, Shapes, and Days/Months apps teach what their names imply. On the Go teaches the names of vehicles, such as bicycle, fire engine, and helicopter.

Flash of Genius ($0.99 to $2.99 US): The Flash of Genius series is an innovative set of test-prep apps. There are $0.99 versions for PSAT and SAT preparation, a $1.99 version for the GRE, and a $2.99 “Complete” version that combines word libraries from all three apps. Flash of Genius uses the age-old flashcard concept. The following figure shows the back of a flashcard from Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab.

Education and Children’s Apps for Android 1

Kids Numbers and Math ($2.99 US): Kids Numbers and Math aims to introduce children to numbers and simple math concepts at an early age, and to even make it fun. Kids just beginning to learn their numbers should start with the Learning Numbers module. Other modules include Count, Choose Max Number, Choose Min Number, Addition, Subtraction, Advanced Exercises, and Find a Match.

LangLearner SpellingBee (free): LangLearner SpellingBee lets you brush up on your spelling using a format that’s similar to what you might experience at a real spelling bee — minus the fellow contestants and overanxious parents. You can choose the level of the words you’ll be quizzed on, from Kindergarten up to eighth-grade level words.

LOL Libs ($1.99 US): LOL Libs is an Android app version of Mad Libs. Mad Libs is a game where you insert words into intentionally blank spaces in a short story. The catch is, someone else asks you for the words, and you don’t know what the story is until you supply all the words. LOL Libs comes with 64 stories you can choose from.

Education and Children’s Apps for Android 2

Math Workout Pro (£0.64): Math Workout Pro is marketed primarily as a brain-exercise app, but it can also help kids who are trying to learn basic arithmetic, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Math Workout Pro includes eight different math “games” you can play.

Preschool Learning ($1.99 US): This app includes a set of virtual alphabet blocks, a coloring book, letter tracing, and a matching game. The four activities combined can certainly keep a preschool-age kid occupied for a little while — perhaps during a long ride in the car.

Education and Children’s Apps for Android

The Rescue of Ginger ($0.99 US): The Rescue of Ginger, an interactive storybook, follows the adventures of Madera Monkey and Figaro Frog, who — in their superhero identities as Carbon Girl and Adhero — try to find Mrs. Applebottom’s missing cat, Ginger. Every page features cute hand-drawn art, animations, and numerous elements that you can interact with; six of the pages include activities based on size, color, or shape recognition.

TechMind Animal Sounds (free): Recognizing that some animals can frighten young kids, this app includes the option of hiding the image and sound of some of the scarier animals, like the bear and the wolf. TechMind Animal Sounds also has an option that launches Wikipedia when you tap the name of an animal.

Toddler Lock (free; ad supported): Toddler Lock is a simple drawing app for preschoolers. Drag your finger around the screen to draw neon-colored lines or tap the display to place multicolored shapes. Every time you touch the screen, the app plays music that sounds like wind chimes. This app “locks” your Android device so that no matter which buttons your youngsters start mashing, they won’t be able to access anything else on your device.

If Android can survive the tech tumult of next couple of years, it will leave the world a better place. At least for those who love technology and not just use it. That’s the real importance of Android.


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