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Top 5 Tablets You Can Choose

A tablet personal computer or tablet PC or tablet is a tablet-sized computer that also has the key features of a full-size personal computer.

Tablets are a powerful tool for enhancing your productivity and online experience whether for business use, or life in general. Smaller than a laptop and bigger than a Smartphone, the tablet is perfect to take with you on the go.

You can browse the internet, create and share presentations, videos conference with clients, stay connected with corporate email, download books, games and videos, watch movies, share photos and much more with your tablet.

Tablets is also treated to be the perfect luxury gift. They’re good for movie watchers, internet addicts and ebook-worms alike.

Now that it's time to choose your own tablet, it's worth considering what kind of things you are going to use it for. This way you know that you'll match the right machine to your needs. Here, we look at some of the best tablets in its business.

Top 5 Tablets You Can Choose

Here are our five top picks for tablets for you to choose:

iPad 2

It’s hard to have a top 5 tablet list of any kind without including the daddy of them all – the iPad 2. The original iPad reigned supreme for a year, and it took this little beauty to knock it off its perch. The iPad 2 is slim while retaining that premium feel, in a way that feels almost unique to Apple. It’s also highly capable with a dual-core A5 processor, and it even adds in a couple of cameras for video calling and the odd but of recording. It’s got the best selection of apps and games available for it too.

Buy for: Those who want the best tablet on the market, Apple fans, casual gamers, frequent flyers, gadget fans

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The main threat to Apple’s tablet hegemony (at least until Amazon joins the fray) comes from Google’s Android platform. While it hasn’t been as successful in this as it has with its smartphones, there have been some attractive devices created – none more so than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It’s clearly been designed to take on and beat the iPad 2 at its own game, and while it doesn’t quite manage that it is slimmer and lighter while being very well built indeed.

Android Honeycomb has been cater-made for the 10.1-inch widescreen, and but for a lack of apps on the Android Market this is a very accomplished tablet indeed. Follow this link to know the Advantages And Dis Advantages Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

You can Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 If You are an Android fan or, you have heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem, or You Hate Apple, or You are a film fan.

HTC Flyer

If you like the thought of a bigger device to browse the web, watch films and browse the web on, but find the 10-inch tablets mentioned above a bit too much, a 7-inch tablet like the HTC Flyer might be for you. As an HTC device it’s typically well built, inspiring confidence when taking it out and about or throwing it into a bag. The HTC Flyer also comes with a 5-megapixel camera and an innovative stylus that lets you jot down notes like some kind of digital notepad.

It also has access to HTC Watch – HTC’s music rental streaming service. Follow this link to know the Advantages And Dis Advantages Of HTC Flyer.

Buy for: those who find 10-inch tablets too big, those after a digital personal organizer or notebook replacement, film fans

Samsung Galaxy Note

Are 7-inch tablets still too big for you to contemplate carrying around? Want the benefits of extra screen space with all the features of your smartphone, so you only have to carry around a simple smart device? Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note. With a 5.3-inch screen it’s a curious hybrid that’s a little too bulky for a smartphone and not big enough for a tablet, but it finds its own niche in between.

It’s certainly not lacking for power, thanks to a dual-core 1.4GHz processor, and the screen itself is as vivid as they come. Like the Flyer it has a digital stylus for scribbling notes with – hence the name. Follow this link to know the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note.

Buy for: those who don’t want to lug a tablet around in addition to their phones, those who want the biggest smartphone possible

Sony Tablet S

Sony took its time entering the tablet market, but in the 9.4-inch Sony Tablet S it has a typically unique product. Ignoring the trend for super-slim symmetrical tablets, Sony has gone with an open book motif that sees on side significantly thicker than the other. This makes holding it in portrait view extremely comfortable (because the main weight’s in your hand), and when in landscape view you can set in on the table at a natural angle.

The Tablet S runs on Android Honeycomb, with all of the benefits that brings, and is also PlayStation certified, so it has access to a bunch of classic PlayStation one games.


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