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Why Not To Upgrade Your iPhone 4 To iPhone 4S

How much more do you get with the 4S, over the iPhone 4? If you're answer less, we're here to help by putting the facts that we know for you to understand.

The strategy that Apple following here is the same that they did for iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 3GS improved on the 3G, but wasn’t a completely new design, that came with the iPhone 4. And now the iPhone 4S improves on the previous model, again without being a complete redesign.

It's a strategy that works, the previous generation of iPhone well proved that. But are the changes enough to justify an upgrade? Some people were underwhelmed when they heard there's no "iPhone 5", while others cheered when they saw Siri and the beefier hardware.

Here's the short list that that could potentially discourage you from upgrading to the iPhone 4S:.

  • Same design
  • Same screen too, both in terms of size and resolution
  • The amount of RAM is the same
  • Siri doesn't work too well for people outside the US

Why Siri Wont Help You Much?

Siri is cool, we saw that for ourselves. But it's usefulness is greatly diminished outside the US due to two things - it refuses to search for businesses outside the US and very few languages are supported. Your English needs to be spot on too, accents don't go very well with Siri. Still, for US citizens Siri is all sorts of cool (if you're not shy about talking to your phone that is).

But on the other side, the new iPhone 4S has also have some advantages over the older version. And we will discuss that in my future post, and before that, here is a small glimpse of what I am going to say there.

Why Not To Upgrade Your iPhone To iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is twice as fast as iPhone 4.

In browsing, it leaves all other smartphones in the dust. There's the occasional tablet that can come close but that's it. In 3D gaming, it breezes past top-end Androids.

The iPhone 4S outperforms the iPhone 4 by a pretty wide margin. When it comes to multithreaded tests, the 4S does actually perform twice as good.

The iPad 2 (which uses the same chipset) scores higher because it seems to run on a higher clock speed. Apple wouldn’t give exact numbers.

End Note:

iPhone owners in the US will have to make a few concessions (not many, really) but getting the iPhone 4S is a smart move. For everyone else, it's less clear cut but an upgrade is still encouraged if you can afford it.


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