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SkyDrive app Available For Windows Phone and iPhone

Microsoft announced the availability of a new SkyDrive app for Windows Phone and iPhone. The SkyDrive application follows a recent overhaul of Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service. Microsoft introduced HTML5 upload, improved sharing and drag and drop functionality in its SkyDrive web app last month.

The applications are identical in features and provide access to SkyDrive folders. Windows Phone and iPhone users can browse their SkyDrive folders, share links to folders or files, delete files and create folders from within the application. Photos can also be uploaded to SkyDrive from the apps with their original resolution.

Microsoft’s approach follows a number of iOS applications, including Bing, Messenger, OneNote and Xbox LIVE.

The software giant is clearly broadening its array of applications to rival platforms whilst keeping Windows Phone customers happy. We managed to secure an early hands on with the Windows Phone version (see video below) and it’s clear that the app is designed to be a companion to Windows Phone. Word, Excel and other Office documents will open natively from the SkyDrive app into the Office hub of Windows Phone.

SkyDrive app Available For Windows Phone and iPhone 

One of the best features is being able to store full resolution images from a Windows Phone camera straight into SkyDrive, this functionality is included by default but the image is scaled down.

SkyDrive app Available For Windows Phone and iPhone

SkyDrive application highlights include:

  • Browse entire SkyDrive – Users can now see all folders and files (of all types) to allow them to share and manage their data.
  • Share any SkyDrive folder or file – Users can now pick folders or files to share from their mobile. The apps provide a link directly to the content.
  • Manage SkyDrive content – Users can now organize files and folders and create new folders or delete files and folders.

The latest SkyDrive mobile application is available in every country and region where Windows Phone is offered. Also the iPhone version is available in 32 languages.


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